In the first month of the twenty-twenty year the ookoi introduced arti.nl/stduio, 10-26 January, in the Dutch artists' society Arti on the Ro(c)kin', Amsterdam ...
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STDUIO Arti: aLife @Hal-fIve

january 26, 2020

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Thanks to Wiel Seuskens, the ookoi's micro-expo at Arti's camecomes with the 24/7 unending streaming of a totally massive @Raudio server memory dump, much like a 🎶👉 DIY time capsule triple jumping back and forth through random futures, some that were, but others actually still to be: thus these two weeks gave the early twenty twenties a truly furetrospective touch!

Haer en bakc again, {there and here again, everywhere but at home, somewhere but nowhere, always too much, all the time, never enough, the same thing, or is it, the same old thing, the same new thing, tired, same old dirty, not enough to die, not enough to waste, too little to live, please put away the beer, put away the wine, please, please, please, oh please please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please...} {ook voor de bijnaanstratie, rudemtijd, de beheer en veranschaping (call van now, gehorsloven)}. ( * )

On the afternoon of Thursday January 16th 2020 all of it and us were aLife @Hal-fIve, physically, hardwhere, there —dáár— as witnessed by twice the ookoi s{c}{qu}ared!

2+2 = 2x2 = 2^2 = 4

ookoi^2.1 clones

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ookoi^2.1 clones
{0 OK, 0:1}^2.1 — Théo Jacobs (r) & Willy Demacker (l).

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ookoi^2.2 clones
{0 OK, 0:1}^2.2 — Ran Re (l) & Łukasz Merchaba (r)



Drusz Kharg

On Wednesday January 29th STDUIO Art welcomed the spectral presence of special ghost Drusz Kharg, who provided a four hours and twenty four minutes long 'one-go-no-sho' live electronics stream entitled Drusz Dirige, that you may, in all of its digital splendor, hear re-unfold here :

Haer en bakc again

The Droste pics below, linked through a time-like arrow and its reverse, stand for poles spanning four decades of Signs & Symptoms exploring the swirling depths of the recursive infinite of video feedback, from the analog setup of a camera capturing the screen of a monitor with a camera capturing the screen of a monitor with a camera capturi... of the early 1980s to the all-digital infinite descent of software on your laptop's screen capturing software on your laptop's screen capturing software on your laptop screen's capturi...

Haer en bakc again,

signssymptoms 1980
signssymptoms 2020

Van daar naar hier en dan naar weer daar.
And nu now haer it is:


We (hence also you should) think of it as a pre-view, as an upbeat to that other, different(ly) complete{ly [different]} —more and better— view still yet to come.

Mi/ysty/i(cally) vague is what exactly are periods we are/should be talking about, but the Muziektafel/Tafelmuziek sessions on the isle of Ameland in 2004 will be pivot{al} in any account. That then adds up to the 15+ mentioned in the heading's opening blurb.


Stduio Arti

Stduio Arti

The following indexed picture can serve as sort of a random access to what inside there can be seen, a partial catalogue of a physical dump of a few of the things, papers and objects that of those years have here and there remained.

  1. iRingg
  2. Radio Rood
  3. Giallo
  4. unPublic
  5. Arti STDUIO
  6. Found Tapes Exhibition
  7. Heesbeen
  8. ookoi@Earport
  9. Wandelzand
  10. Sound Chronicles
  1. 1024
  2. RAUDIO app
  4. Diktat
  5. ookoi dooki
  6. RAUDIO Stream
  7. Certified Reconditioned
  8. The Future of Popp
  9. ...
  10. ...

It was there to see, to look at, to feel and —we'd say in the first place— talk about... @Hal_fIve

(added February 14th, 2020) The following is a linked random selection from the selected bits and pieces from our 15+ years of archived (r)audio, st|re|amed at STDUIO Arti...

Paradiso Cellar Hall Placard, October 10th 2006, Amsterdam: Rinus van Alebeek, Wiels, Ate M. Hes & the ookoi, live underneath Psychic TV + Lydia Lunch.

Tracks from Through training and battle (1979-1980), an early 1980s experimental post-punk pop & K7-only gem, by the Amsterdam based Young Lions.

Also almost all other surviving Young Lions recordings are available at Bandamp's: Small World, No News, Strange Rumours.

Random Kawara was one many other number-y works streaming on Raudio's Numbers-only edition, definitely one of my favourites.

You & Me is an early composition/recording, done in Amsterdam, april 1980, by Hollandse Meesters to-be, Ronald Heiloo & Harold Schellinx

Witnessing archived ookoi@2ndLife recordings, from back when in the heydays of virtual world Second Life, the ookoi's virtual pendant Petermans & Hefferman were among the very first to perform there, live...

(Topographic [Table) Topographique], A Table!'s still tragically unavailable 2011/12 masterpiece, ever only to be heard thru Raudio, and this January part of STDUIO Arti's.

Near to pushing half a century now. Recordings from and around the early Maastricht pretty-pre-post-punk outfit Quirass.

There are still a few physical copies available of Muziektafel/Tafelmuziek (2004) the ookoi's utterly brilliant debut CD, with art work by Dick Tuinder and Max Kisman.

Throughout the year 2017 the ookoi weekly blabbered 10 minutes and 24 seconds on and on and on about their lives & the world, in the ookoidooki podcast.

Cosmodrone is an all-analog synths quartet initiated by our ana-R, authoring some very peculiar live performances, e.g. at the 1st European UFO Congress in Châlons-en-Champagne, in 2005.


On the occasion of the ookoi's presentation of Stduio Arti in the Dutch artists' society Arti et Amicitiae on the Rokin in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), the second of my this year's series of 52 K7-Sudoku's (more about that in a later blog) uses an original K7 copy of our June/July 1980 Signs & Symptoms frippertronic sessions: electric guitar and Korg MS-20, fed back through an analog 'time lag accumulator' made with two Akai reel-to-reel tape machines.


[ More STDUIO Arti: The LⒶst Weekend ]

notes __ ::
(*) Slightly adapted completion generated 10/1/2020 by 1558M, a full-sized implementation of OpenAI language model GPT-2 (TalkToTransformer, by Adam King). The post contains a number of adaptions of other '1558M completions'. [ ^ ]

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(2009, november 17) - Soli Deo Gloria !
(2009, october 10) - Project Icarus OST
(2009, august 24) - ookoi ShakeNRoll
(2009, april 07) - "Blood and Bottom" (Raudi0GaGa)
(2009, february 21) - Insular arithmetic (ookoi toont)
(2009, january 31) - A glimpse of Heesbeen
(2009, january 15) - Rien à voir
(2008, october 02) - The right to be slow
(2008, june 06) - Raudio Graffiti: almost live !
(2008, february 24) - The Great Washing
(2007, december 04) - I'm an island
(2007, september 04) - leve ookoi! (3)
(2007, august 22) - leve ookoi! (2)
(2007, august 12) - leve ookoi! (1)
(2007, march 24) - Vicky, Killers and Avatars
(2007, february 15) - Every presentation is a premiere
(2007, january 25) - 1024 Waarden, by ookoi
(2007, january 19) - Preparations for a Second Life
(2006, october 20) - Funky shit
(2006, july 07) - de-'tails of lite house keeping'
(2006, may 06) - jam karet?
(2006, march 20) - raudio @cosman's
(2005, september 25) - 0 OK, 0:1, life on ze road
(2005, july 31) - Outside - Inside Paradiso
(2004, october 10) - raudio launched
(2004, june 09) - boyzz buzz # listen!global corpus
(2004, may 20-31) - >∞-îl_o_tré

Read some of the ookoi's papers [pdf]:
(2014) - Localized Sounds, Sounding Locations.
Presented at the International Symposium "Locative Media and Sound Art", Kortrijk (be)
(2007) - ookoi - Uptime Publishing Demonstration. (With Jay Needham.)

Read about the ookoi in Gonzo (Circus) [Dutch]:
Gonzo #88, september/october 2008 - Zelfcomponerende Klankstukken

ookoi - The works:
(2017) Weekly, 10'24" :: ookoi dooki podcast
(2014) HIER - iPhone app, 4 track album of localized Future Popp
(2013) Y ¬ Y.1024 (HTML5 web app)
(2013) Wandelzand - iPhone app, soundwalk for the Dutch isle of Ameland
(2012) Palm Top Theatre V2
(2010) Wudy Wudy, machina movie, filmed in Second Life by Evo Szuyuan (trailer)
(2009) ookoi_@_E@rport, Amsterdam - channel 19 of the RAUDIO IIIII streaming audio art iThing app
(2009) ShakeNRoll, Project Icarus OST - scenes for the RJDJ reactive music iPhone platform
(2009) iRingg®, iPhone ringtones
(2009) 2525 (video)
(2008) L'Ecoute - public space screen video
(2007) Live beyond the Paradiso (USB-stick data-dump)
(2007) Leve ookoi! - channel 16 of the RAUDIO IIIII streaming audio art iThing app
(2007) 1024 (DVD)
(2007) 1024 Waarden - flash animation
(2006) "Roam Stroam" - channel 12 of the RAUDIO IIIII streaming audio art iThing app
(2006) Tijdrekken - flash animation
(2005) Sand-Y (Zandoog) - channel 7 of the RAUDIO IIIII streaming audio art iThing app
(2004) Muziektafel-Tafelmuziek (CD)
(1980) Signs and Symptoms

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