'Raise the trumpet, sound the drum'

june 23, 2010.

ookoi rocks


Sponsors on the look-out for a last minute small investment/big return campaign to cash in on the still rising WC fever will be excited to learn that the ookoi (contact: ookoi[at]ookoi[dot]nl) are currently available for short notice field missions to South Africa.


ookoi doing

The Dutch duo presented its out-of-the-ordinary use of the vuvuzela, this competition's one incontestable winner, to great effect during the live screening of the match between Honduras and Chili last wednesday, June 16th 2010, in the Amsterdam art space W139, where the Swedish artist Cedric Bomford built Kom kyk na die Wêreldbeker in die "W", an indoor soccer stadium allowing for a free and thrilling in-crowd experience of the ongoing mega media marketing high mass set against the colorful backdrop of mega slums and the hopes and fears of millions of mega poor.

ookoi doing

(The ookoi vuvuzeling in Amsterdam were framed and shot by Chidi Onwuka. All pictures ©2010 Chidi Onwuka / ookoi .)

ookoi rocks


[ Any of the ookoi's South African mission budgets will prominently include an (undisclosed) amount to be donated to a local children's education and support project. ]


[ Added 11 April 2013: ] SoundBlog entries about the Vuvuzela:

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