1024 @ookoi

{ 1024 is an endless random walk through the ookoi's early sonic universe, represented by a set of 1024 extracts from recordings made between 2004 and 2006, the first years after their Big Bang. Each fragment lasts exactly 7 seconds. The work was originally realized as a neverending pseudo-random playback from dvd. It was officially released in that by now near to obsolete format, in 2007. (Some copies of the original 1024-dvd are still available). Here we combine the HTML5 audio element with a visualisation of the random walk on a 32 x 32 grid with a somewhat wobbly geometry, displayed using the HTML5 canvas element. The execution comes to an end when the random walk reaches 1024, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. Each play - from mere seconds to many, many hours - provides a unique and un-repeatable projection of a part of the ookoi's universe. For more background on the work, read How to keep devils away.}

{ This web app version of ookoi's kibibyte was made on the occasion of Y.NextNumbr (or Y.(Math.floor(Math.random()*5) + 5); or the 2013 edition of a recurring event (a series of lectures and a 36 hour workshop) with the name of the artist Yariv Alter Fin (1968-2007), who also contributed to the 1024 recordings. event took place on April 19th and 20th, 2013, in Amsterdam. It was dedicated to numbers, art, music and measure. }

{ Y ¬ Y.1024 will only play in an HTML5 empowered browser that allows audio to autoplay (we recommend you use Chrome or Firefox). Unfortunately this means that for now iPhone and iPad are excluded. }