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march 03, 2006.

The latest - seventh - edition of Raudio, our no beginning, no end web stream, has been continuously evolving for about two months now, into a brand new 'one audio main thing' made up out of more than one hundred audio~files contributed by some twenty eight audio~philes of some ten different nationalities :: together - without repetitions - summing up to about four hours and a half of pure sound ...

[ This is the first in a series of soundblog entries providing some details - liner notes- for this edition's contributions ... ([next])

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So what's in this Raudio edition? We might as well start this Raudio-index in [... Belgium ...] thus : "Guy van Belle provided a recording of the many fold singing of This is the day ..."elementary [dear Watson]
Also from Belgium - from Brussels, to be precise - is the fine duo Element-Aire, which are Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (on sopranino sax and stereo microphones) and Fabrizio Rota (on synth and sampling). Element-Aire contributes parts from a recording made on the new year's night of 2004, on the Chaussée d'Ixelles in Brussels.

[... the Netherlands ...]
redtape From our own archives: a six part cut up of 0 ok, 0:1's morning rehearsal for the Vicky's Mosquitos Special ("... and now I have my eggs! ... thank you ... ")
And from the Netherlands as well (Utrecht), there's Ate M. Hes, one of Raudio's regular contributors. In the seventh edition more of his ongoing adventures in tasty and refreshingly un-pretentious plunderphonics. Btw, do have a look at Ate's 'redtape' ... I think he won't object to me letting this count as an artist's statement ...

As the name suggests, also Rinus van Alebeek is of Dutch origins, radio met ontbijt even though as a soundician he appears to be spending most of his working time elsewhere in Europe. His contribution to Raudio #07 was produced in Wuppertal Germany. It is called "Radio met Ontbijt", which I received by snail mail, as a wonderfully hand-packaged C60-cassette, including a series of pen drawings about as lo-fi as the walkman-recordings that form the source material for Rinus' sound work.
"Radio met Ontbijt" comes in 6 slightly different mixes (made on a 4 tack recorder), for, as explained in a letter from Italy, that reached me several weeks after the cassette, Rinus made one mix ...

... "for every day of the week, with the exception of sunday, because on that day we go to church and have some Jesus for breakfast instead.
The artist would like to underline that no digital or other electronical materials were used to change the genetic information on this tape - he is not drunk and by no means would like to divide Vincent's absynth visions and sit outside a petit café somewhere in the south of France - it's too cold for that. By the way - I hold nothing against Vincent because he hears in mono."

[[sic]] (original in english)

[ ... United States / the Netherlands ... ]
Even though he sometimes goes by the 'pseudo' Man met Baard, there is nothing very Dutch about Brian Salmons (Florida, USA) ... where it not for the lo-fi field recordings, included in R#7 ... Brian was an exchange student at the University of Utrecht, in 1997-1998, and while in the Netherlands he made a lot of recordings with a small hand-held tape recorder.

"I dabbled a little bit in recording "pure sound" prior to going to the Netherlands [...], but the Netherlands was where I really started doing it - I did not bring my guitar or any other instruments with me so I had to get inventive with my recordings."

Part of Brian's contribution is a "Grou sequence", built from sonic snapshots made during a short trip to Friesland, in december 1997.

""Grou sequence" is actually three seperate recordings made in the town of Grou and spliced together end to end. The first part is of church bells, recorded from the window of my room at the youth hostel at 10 in the evening. The second part was recorded in a wooded area near Pikmeer. There were two trees blowing in the wind and rubbing against each other, producing a squeaking noise. The third part was recorded inside the youth hostel. There were several African and Middle Eastern refugees with their families staying at the youth hostel. Some of their children were playing around in the hallway and I got this snippet of them as they ran by the door to my room."

email, jan. 20th 2006

c angel Some sort of 'Hollands Amerikaanse Vriendschap' also underlies Roy McCoy's contribution - which within the context of this Raudio edition surely must count as - in some way - by far the weirdest of the lot ... I came across Roy's Cincinnati Angel accidentally, while looking through entries in the RSS feed of the cinday-music Yahoo group, a "Cincinnati-Dayton, Ohio-area mailing list for musicians, bands, 'zine writers, home-tapers, and supporters of local underground music. Genres include but not limited to: electronic, experimental, punk, ska, alternative, and industrial music. " ... Here is the message that drew my attention and that Roy posted to this cinday-music list, on thursday dec. 13th, 2005. Its title was: "Possible temporary non-undergrounder" ...

I don't know if I'm "underground" or not.
I'm definitely not mainstream, but I guess I want to be in a way, and in any event I'm a home-taper.
I've been in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, for over seventeen years and likely to remain, only during the last year I wound up with this "Cincinnati Angel" song on my hands, was captured by the crazy idea that it would be a nice tune to be traditionally played at Cincinnati-area weddings, and so took advantage of an invitation to play in a reunion gig of my old high-school rock band (the Cavaliers, Washington Court House, mid-sixties) to come down here and try to get the song going too.
I went to the musicians' union on Central Parkway today, the woman there said she couldn't help me but there's an agent in the same building who maybe can, for example simply putting me in touch with musicians and bands that play weddings.
Right now I'm sitting at a terminal in the Public Library, not even knowing where I'm going to sleep tonight (maybe I'll go back up to Columbus, where I do have a place), and... oh, I dunno, what the hell, you guys can listen to the tune at www.roy.luna.nl and probably laugh at it.

I thought this was a great story. And of course I listened to Cincinnati Angel. If you listen to this Raudio edition, you will hear Cincinnati Angel as well. And recognize it. No doubt about that.
It is not your typical Raudio track, indeed, but - together with the story - that was part of the reason why I'm pretty happy that Roy agreed to the inclusion of his song in R#7's playlist ...

It really makes a difference ! ...

- to be continued -

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