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dec 31, 2016 ~ april 12, 2017.

"The light works, [...] the gravity works.
Everything else we have to take our chances with."

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Six years on from the previous one we entered and are well on our way in 2017, a new prime year... Time went by like hurricanes and now rushes on like even faster things. I should double, triple, quadruple daily time that's given me, if only to keep up ...


Like, earlier this year it was ookoi's 1024's tenth birthday! To mark the occasion, FPCM created this quite wonderful piece, which earlier this year was on view as part of the the Salon 2016 exhibition at Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam ...



When this was made, we still counted


which is the number of different pairs of subsets in a set that has six elements: after having laid all of them one next to the other it takes one more step o-nly to


and the weekly (o)ok(o)i do(o)ki podcast, produced @stduio. Each of the 52 editions lasts 10 minutes and 24 seconds, which together eventually will add up to a 9 hour sound poem, keeping track of the oki doki podcats selves and the world around over the course of this year, in Dutch (and faster things).


All editions can be found on the ookoidooki podcaste page, and of course you can subscribe to the weekly ookoidooki podcast feed, to listen, to hear, or to both.


After the earlier one-hour mega-mix of the first twelve editions, here [added May 17th, 2017] is a one-hour random-mix of the first eightteen editions:


2M0M1X1VII7, sexy primes and 5 x 73 x 10 more seconds

And yes, yes, yes! 2017 is the next prime year, after the last one, which was 2011. And I am keeping the promise I made almost thirteen years ago, to keep a ten-seconds-a-day sonic diary for all the prime years following 2004.

Seventy Seconds was my sound diary for the prime year 2011, which is the small number in the 130th pair of sexy primes (2011, 2017). And this year's "2M0M1XVII" is a sound diary for the prime year 2017, which is the big number in the 130th pair of sexy primes. It will contain 10 seconds of sound for each day of the year, recorded at randomly differing hours, always there where I happen to be at that day on the given time. The sound segments of "2M0M1XVII" are recorded together with Yungwei Chen, whenever we are together. Some of the days that we are not, the day's segment consists in a mix of ten seconds recorded by me, wherever I am, and of ten seconds recorded by Yungwei in Taiwan.

"2M0M1XVII" will appear in five parts, each covering 73 consecutive days, on Soundcloud.

This is the first part:

[001 : 007] . Brussels - Taiwan (hi-speed train)/Vincennes - Paris - Vincennes - Vincennes - Paris - Kaohsiung/Vincennes
[008 : 014] . Kaohsiung/Vincennes - Paris - Paris - Paris - Vincennes - Paris - Vincennes
[015 : 021] . Vincennes - Paris/Vincennes - Paris - Paris - Vincennes - Paris - Kaohsiung
[022 : 028] . Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung - Taipei - Taipei
[029 : 035] . Taipei - Taipei - Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung
[036 : 042] . Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung - Kaohsiung - Tainan - Kaohsiung
[043 : 049] . Taipei - Dubai - Vincennes - Paris - Paris - Vincennes - Paris
[050 : 056] . Vincennes - Paris - Paris - Paris - Paris - Paris - Paris
[057 : 063] . Paris - Montreuil - Paris - Paris - Vincennes - Vincennes - Vincennes
[063 : 070] . Vincennes - Kaohsiung/Vincennes - Paris - Paris - Ivry s/ Seine - Montreuil - Vincennes
[071 : 073] . Vincennes - Kaohsiung/Vincennes - Paris

... 2027, 2029, ...


And always there's a next prime, of course ...

The next prime year is in a decade from here. It will be 2027, the small twin in the 62nd pair of twin primes, (2027, 2029). Would it not be magic, pure and simple, were it given to us to meet again, there and then?


... en Ogentroost ...

One more sounding thing to end 2017's first trimester's brief overview.

For some five years now I have been contributing quite extensive essays to the (best) Dutch-Flemish (independent) music, art and culture bi-monthly magazine Gonzo (circus). The most recent one (the 21st if I counted correctly), in Gonzo's 138th edition (january/february 2017), is called "Edelman, bedelman, dokter, pastoor". It is about and writes around loosing vision, getting blind. Therefore it comes with a sounding version (on Mixcloud), in which I read and play the full text of the essay.


The text was written when I was in Kaohsiung (Taiwain) earlier this year, and it is also there that I recorded the sonic version, assisted by Yungwei Chen. Apart from a couple of short electronic tunes, which are taken from my collection of Darwin tunes, all the accompanying sounds and music were recorded in the streets of Kaohsiung.


... “Stijve Ogentroost geeft je mooie, heldere en jonge ogen! Wallen en rode ogen verdwijnen als sneeuw voor de zon! Je lantaarntjes kunnen weer gaan schijnen!” ...



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(*) Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, which in French translation is named Un cheval dans la salle de bains. [ ^ ]

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