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ookoi ShakeNRoll - s/t

august 24, 2009.

The ookoi scene that we cooked up during the Music Hack Day last month in London is now available in the RjDj scenes list: look for ShakeNRoll.


If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, and already installed and used the RjDj player application to play scenes, the above probably will be all the info you need to find and play ookoi's scene.
If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, but no RjDj player, you will find below exhaustive 'how to shakenroll' instructions.
(If you do not have an iPhone or iPod Touch, I will not insist that you get one.)

There is an RjDj page dedicated to ShakeNRoll at http://rjdj.me/music/ookoi/ShakeNRoll. It includes a list of recordings made with the scene that have been uploaded by users. The RjDj player indeed actually is an RjDj player/recorder, as the application permits you at any moment while you are listening to and playing with a scene, to hit the 'record' button. The 'soundclips' that you thus obtain are saved, and available for your playback. You may also upload them to the RjDj website, where they will be added to the scene's web page, where they can be listened to. There is no editing or other possibility to correct the recording, so these are truly 'rough cuts'.

ookoi's ShakeNRoll is a next one in our ongoing series of works that have no fixed duration (no beginning and no end), and that explore the endless (pseudo)random re-arrangement of a given, fixed, collection of sound material; a bag filled with sound bites, with sonic atoms.

As such it is akin to 1024, as well as to the iRingg® ...

In ShakeNRoll there are seven atoms. Seven sound bites, that vary in duration from 7 seconds to 14 seconds; it would only take just over a minute to play them through one after the other in one playlist, straight from beginning to end.

The atoms come from our Live Beyond the Paradiso DDD-EP (which in turn is based on the recordings of our 2005 Paradiso placard), from the 2007 Urban Myths/Vogelvlucht sessions, and from the E@rport/Winterland performances that we did earlier this year at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

Every possible pick of a pair of two (maybe the same one twice) from this set of seven atoms defines a state of ShakeNRoll. Thus there are precisely 28 states. The playing of a state consists in the continuous splitting of each of the two atoms. That splitting happens literally: for each of them randomly an entry- and an exit-point (n and x) are chosen, as well as a playback time of t msec (between 500 and the total duration of the sound bite); the part of the atom between n and x is then played back in a time of t msec ( * ), after which a new splitting is created and played back: the splittings are being spliced together.

Et cetera

This splicing of splittings (independently for each of the two atoms) continues ad infinitum.

When you roll your iThing, the changing inclination of the mobile will result in a modification of the balance of the volume of the two playing parts. This makes it possible to listen to each of the two atom's chain-splittings separately, if you would desire to do so; or you may bring one of them more to the fore, and have the other play in the background.

When you shake it, ShakeNRoll will jump into another one of its 28 possible states.





How to ... / RjDj \ ... ookoi's ShakeNRoll

To play ookoi's ShakeNRoll, you need an iPhod (iPhone or iPod Touch) and the RjDj player, which is the iPhod application that you need to play the scenes. It costs (for APple ApP Store techno-political reasons) €0.79 ($0.99)   is free, and you have to get it from the iTunes App Store.
This you may do in one of two possible ways:
* you can use the App Store button on your iPhod to download and install the player;
* alternatively you may use this link or otherwise find the app's screen in the iTunes App Store, download it to your iTunes, and then later during synchronization copy it to your iPhod.

rjdj ookoiOnce you have the RjDj player installed, you need to download and install ookoi's ShakeNRoll scene.

To do this, make sure you have internet access, and then launch the RjDj player on your iPhod. Scroll down the 'Scenes screen'. Select: Get more scenes!. Now scroll down the Featured screen; if ShakeNRoll is no(t) (longer on) the 'featured' list, click All scenes on the bottom of the screen. Then look for and select ShakeNRoll. This will bring up a screen like the one in the picture. Clicking the blue Install button will download and install the ookoi ShakeNRoll scene. The bottom of the screen will show a progress bar, and at the end you will be notified that ShakeNRoll has been installed.

If you now return to your list of Scenes, you will find it in the (alphabetically ordered) list. To play the scene, select it in the list ...

notes __ ::
(*) Note that it of course is possible that n > x. In that case the playing will be 'backwards' (with respect to the recording's original timeline). [ ^ ]

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