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january 2002
modified: november 2005

You and Me: it's breaking glass, doors banging and running down the stairs.
Or rushing up a stair, a door banging then glass breaking. Banging the door, hurrying downstairs and glass breaking ... and ... You and Me.
We did this in april 1980, and wrapped it up in a three-part four-track mix, following a strict scheme: 3 times 10 times 20 seconds, with solitary piano tones commenting to the left and to the right (see the ULTRA (1978-1983) book, pp. 194-195).
The Flash animation allows your playing around with the original tape-loops of door, glass, stairs. Just look for and click on the 'hot spots'.
D.I.Y. -- You and Me.

download, and listen to, You & Me :
Part one
(stereo, mp3, 3.2Mo
Part two
(stereo, mp3, 3.1Mo)
Part three
(stereo, mp3, 3.1Mo)

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