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- august 2008 -
The Found Tapes Exhibition has been existing online now for near to six years, with virtually no financial support whatsoever. Putting it together and keeping it going is a pretty time-consuming job ... It takes on the average between two and three full working days to prepare an 'acquisition', and put it online.

It is becoming increasingly difficult (read: near to impossible) to continue to invest this amount of time, without some form of (financial) support/return ...

Therefore, in order to assure the exhibition's continued online existence, I propose those who are willing to help, to adopt one (or more) of the exhibition's acquisitions ...

Individuals and institutions may adopt found tapes acquisitions on a yearly basis.

Adoption of an acquisition for the time of one year costs €25.

Use the Donate button in the side bar to transfer money, either using your PayPal account or a credit-card. (If you are in France or the Netherlands, and prefer to send a chèque or make a direct bank transfer. In that case, contact me by email.)

You are free to chose yourself which of the acquisitions currently on line you'd like to adopt. The webpage corresponding to the acquisition you adopted at its top will carry the mention "This acquisition was adopted by xxxx", and (optional) your name may be linked to a banner on the page's bottom, linking to a third party web site of your choice ... (Of course it is possible to adopt an acquisition anonymously if you would wish so ...)

Here's an example of an adopted acquisition ...

Each and everyone's help will be greatly appreciated! ...

* The Found Tapes Exhibition's online store ...

In the FTE online store you can buy copies of the "Found In ...", limited numbered editions - specially packaged and mastered onto cassette - of some of the found tape montages.
Buying a "Found In ..." cassette = supporting the Exhibition ! Check back regularly for other goodies ...

** If you're a art collector ...

... you might be interested in buying a packaged tape original of one or more of the Found Tapes Exhibition's acquisitions. Each of such originals will consist in a hand-packed box containing :

* one or more cassettes with the re-spooled dis-entangled strands and bits of found tape that together form in the acquisition ;
* a series of prints of the pictures documenting the finds ;
* a written documentation.

Each of these packages - of course - will be absolutely unique. Prices vary.
Contact me for more information. Thanks!


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