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september 28, 2006.

[ #320, tape found march 16th, 2006 // fotex57 ]

#320 I stumbled upon this one in Saint-Maur-le-Fossé, on a late sunny thursday afternoon. It sat next to a car parked on the rue d'Alsace Lorraine which runs along the RER track. As you see in the picture (a scan of the find) the tape was wound around a metal clothes-hanger.

I stopped to pick it up, together with the hanger, and put it in a plastic bag (I usually carry a couple of these, just in case), together with a small piece of paper on which I wrote a number. The number would refer to a note in my note book, in which I would jot down some details on the find.

I took a pencil and the book out of my pocket and started to write the name of the street, where precisely in the street the tape was lying, what time it was when I picked it up ...
While I was busy doing this, an elegantly dressed grey haired elderly woman came rushing out of the front garden of one of the houses on the other side of the street.
She hurried towards me.
"Hey mister," she called out in a voice somewhere between worry and anger, "that is my granddaughter's car ! Would you mind telling me what you are doing ? Is there something wrong with the car ?"
"Not that I know," I replied. "I'm just writing something down. Nothing to do with the car, really ..."
"You are writing down something ... ?"
She looked puzzled. But then suddenly she seemed to understand.

"Oh, I see. You're a poet ..."

I closed my note book and stuck the pen back into my jacket's brest pocket. "That is right," I said, "I am a poet ... ! "

Reassured, she walked back to the front garden, where a pretty dark girl stood waiting for her ... "Guess it's allright, Jenny," I heard her say. "The man's just writing poems ..."
She waved her hand as if chasing a fly, walked past Jenny and continued for the house. An RER train approached from the parisian direction of the track.

I looked at Jenny looking my way with a sudden sweet and sunny smile.

"Jenny likes poets ...," it read.

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sblog2 {i}

september 21, 2006.

vm12 +++ On sunday september 24th, Björn Eriksson organises the 12th Vicky's Mosquitos event, just south of Kramfors in Sweden, on an island called Svanö in the river of Ångermanälven. With some 10 friends Björn will improvise with and around the recording of Vicky's recitation, in an old oil cisterne on the island, which has a reverberation time of about 25 seconds ... +++

+++ This tuesday evening, september 19th, ookoi secretly performed at Silvie's birthday party in the Scheldestraat in Amsterdam +++

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+++ Along with our performance, Silvie got my white Buddha Machine as a present. +++ I was in Amsterdam for a couple of days, to continue work on the DVD version of '1024'. We're trying hard to script the DVD in such a way that your average player will do more or less what we would like it to do, which has us running into all sorts of limitations imposed by the definition of the DVD format; and (again) finding out that there's is hardly anything less random in this world than the way a DVD player (like that on my iBook) performs a 'random play' ... +++ ookoi and keyboard performing
We intend to secretly present '1024' in the Paradiso cellar hall in Amsterdam, on tuesday october 10th, where we will do a secret (not open for inscription) placard during an event called 'Darkness is Enlightening', with Lydia Lunch (the Real Pornography), Psychic TV and Black Sun Productions doing whatever it is that they do right above our head(phone)s ... +++
Among the secret surprise performers ('unexpected guests expected') that ookoi invited to join them in their Paradiso cellar placard, there's Rinus van Alebeek and Ate M. Hes ...
+++ [... 20h-24h, 10.10.06, Paradiso Amsterdam - cellar hall ...] +++

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shelene's buddha machine+++ When my train back to Paris (that was yesterday, wednesday september 20th) made its stop at the The Hague Holland Spoor station, Sheléne was waiting on the platform to hand me the chanting box that she got when visiting a buddhist temple in Vietnam. Now wasn't that a really sweet thing to do ? ... +++
+++ The Amitabha Library in Chicago sent me some supplementary information on the amituofo- and other chanting boxes. "The chanting box chants Amitabha Buddha's name constantly," director Lisu Tan wrote me in an email, "which is a good way for reminding us to learn from Amitabha Buddha for Buddha's infinite enlightenment, compassion and wisdoms. [ ... ] Because I don't know which chanting box you listened, I should explain to you that: if you hear 'A-Mi-Tou-Fo' (4 syllables), which is Amitabha Buddha's name; if you hear 'Na-Mo-A-Mi-Tou-Fo' (6 syllables), with 'Na-Mo' in front of 'A-Mi-Tou-Fo', which means 'solute (or pay respect to) to Amitabha Buddha'". The chanting really means: Be mindful of Amitabha; Homage to Amitabha! ... Amitabha! ..."

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