Exhibit 57

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03/19/2006 18h15 Montreuil - rue Cuvier

Four cassettes spotted by Gersande (8) among a pile of rubbish near nr. 46. The covers carry a stamp (see picture) reading: "Bamoussa Konte vendeur de cassette (Immeuble) Ancient Combattant. Tel.: ----- Bko. Mali." Three of the four tapes contain recordings of one (or several) gatherings, maybe of a religious or otherwise ritual nature (?). On the fourth one there is music. Malinese, sans doubt.

03/19/2006 17h35 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

Flapping out from a dustbin opposite nr. 93 (near the Saint Maclou).

03/18/2006 18h25 Montreuil - rue de Paris

Opposite shopping center La Grande Porte, a small badly tape strand, caught by some dried bit of dead weed sticking out from the pavement (see picture). Arabic.

03/16/2006 17h10 Saint-Maur-des-Fossés - rue d'Alsace Lorraine

Opposite nr. 101, next to a parked car, and caught in a bent metal clothes hanger (see picture :: read more in 'jenny likes poets'). Arabic.

03/16/2006 16h50 Saint-Maur-des-Fossés - rue d'Alsace Lorraine

In the shrubbery along the RER track, on the corner with the avenue du Bois-Guimier.
On it what must be a (Fun) radio emission of a live appearance by pop band Boyzone, with loads of girlies screaming their lungs and hearts out ... "Love me for a reason" ...

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