tête-de-tettine / tête-de-cassette

august 28, 2005.


"tête-de-tettine" (aug. 2005)


"tête-de-cassette" (aug. 2005)

Earlier this week I got an email from Åsa Ståhl, who had stumbled upon the previous entry. "I was sort of happy to see it. It made me feel at home ..." she wrote. Understandably, for Åsa has been collecting found tapes for many years as well. "Tape salad" is the name of her project, or - even nicer - in swedish: "Bandsallad". It reminded me of the "cassetti-spaghetti" that I sometimes name it. And of the couple of - not very flattering i'm afraid :-) - 'self portraits' that Alec helped me to realize earlier this month.

When visiting Åsa's 'bandsallader' page (you need a director shockwave plugin) it was my turn to feel very much at home in the midst of such familiar sights and sounds ...:-) ... Unfortunately my swedish is far too bad for me to be able to fully understand the little handwritten texts that accompany her finds.

Meanwhile I added two more acquisitions to my own Found Tapes Exhibition. In exhibit #32 you find fragments from 6 dirty and greasy clods of cassette that I plucked on june 24th from 'tape catchers' along a small stretch of the avenue Charles de Gaulle in Neuilly sur Seine, leading up to the parisian Porte Maillot. And exhibit #33 comprises four finds (dutch variety, reggae, pop) from the streets of Amsterdam (end of june, early july), and a whirl of heavy metal picked up by my son Alec in the Pyrenees, on the parking lot near the hotel les Cimes (Gavarnie). (I included the montage corresponding to this latest addition as this soundblog entry's 'podcast'.)

... 40+ more finds currently still waiting for their turn ...

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More magnetic bondage (added August 15th,2017)

Three more pics from the same photo shoot, eleven years ago, in August 2005. Cf., Asuka and Zhiyu's 'Magnetic Bondage' performance at the 2016 Vieux Media Fest at La Générale.




tags: found tapes, baby soothers, terrible tapeman, magnetic bondage

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