each music is smart

september 19, 2002.

On the (little traffic, low profile, sober, and therefore truly enjoyable) 'i-review-u::u-review-me' "mymp3network site", maintained by the Swedish (powerpop[?]) band "The Shoplifting Angels", I came across the following review of the british electrocombo 'mAGICALcIGARETTE', submitted on september 17, by n_a_o of the japanese 'SySTeM-DeLTA':

"Original aesthetics is felt. Each music is smart."

No more. No less.
Now isn't that beautiful?

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"Lijm", or: nailing vermin

september 18, 2002.

I read in a Dutch daily (frontpage) some time ago, that even in an almost aseptically neat'n'shiny clean western European country the like of the Netherlands the ratio rats to humans is estimated at being close to 1:1.

This might very well be a law of nature.

Mine used to come out everyday around lunchtime, when the janitor poses food for his cats in the little courtyard that I view from my office window. He never knew he was feeding my rat.

It has been a while, now.

The newspaper interviewed several people about their relationship with vermin.
One woman told the journalist about all them cockroaches, mice and rats that kept frequenting her place.
She knew how to deal with this, though: "I spread the floorboards with glue."

[ Source: printed edition of 'NRC Handelsblad', august 30, 2002. Related: speed kills (mice), Noble Art of Catching Mice. ]


september 17, 2002.

Earlier today in the suburb of Les Mureaux, on my way to the station to catch a train back to the city, in the span of less than twenty minutes I found three bits of thrown away cassette tape: on the parking lot of an HLM ('Habitation à Loyer Modéré'), in the gutter of the avenue de la République, and in the shrubbery near a petrol station.

This almost doubles the total number of 'migrating tape' that I picked since I first became aware of Zoë Irvine's project.

Is that simply because I was paying attention? Or have I just been lucky?
Must be a bit of both.
Ever since the (my first) assemblage of 'found tapes' some weeks ago, I have been telling myself just that more often to pay attention.
However, until today, without much success.
So I guess that partly I must have forced my luck by making the detour I made, instead of taking my usual shortest route to the train station.
Stick with me.
We are going to learn a lot from where these things are found! And in the end parts of this somewhat peculiar exercise in 'audio-archeology' might very well add up to a nice little study in socio-geography.
Zoë must be aware of that ...

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