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[VM17] - march 14, 2020

After a little over 11 years and a half, let us count as the seventeenth play (and re-viving, be it for starters just a tiny bit) Vicky in the midst —it might actually but be the start— of the global Wuhan Corona virus crisis panic) the 11th of the 2020 series of Sudoku K7-plays, which uses a 'short play K7 with on both sides the MacOS voice Vicky's Mosquitos' reading for my use during performances'.

[VM16] - august 03, 2008

... Vicky entered the Natural History Museum of Sound, as part of a four hour performance entitled "Throw away your radio, get a new one ..." Players were Adam Thomas, James Edmunds, Kim Laugs and Rinus van Alebeek. The event took place on sunday august 3rd, between 14h and 18h in Berlin (Germany), in O Tannenbaum, Pflügerstrasse 79A (Neuköln) ... "As chance had it," Rinus wrote, "I had your Vicky tape with me. Her readings kind of became the theme of the session." (The picture is a still from a u-Tube shot during the performance by Nick Currie.)

[VM15] - january 21, 2008

... On january 21st, 2008, the weekly emission of Songs of Praise, on the parisian free radio station Aligre FM, consisted in a one and half hour long tribute to Karlheinz Stockhausen, who passed away on december 5th, 2007. The 15th Vickys Mosquitos is part of this tribute, and consists in the collection of all 'open microphones' parts of the emission, in which in between and along to the presentors' commentaries, HarS played around with a number of dictaphone recordings made during the 1998 Summer Courses in Kürten (the event that provided the setting and background for the Mosquitos story) and a cassette containing the recording of Vicky reciting the text ...

[VM14] - may 28, 2007

... During ookoi's residency in the Art Garage, the former 'brandweerkazerne' in the Capucijnenstraat in Maastricht, as part of the Kunsttour 2007, on monday may 28th between 16h and 18h, Béla Janssen set up a Vicky's Mosquitos Moebius cassette loop, that was led along four customized cassette players.
While the Vicky installation played, Jean-Jacques Duerinckx wandered around the Art Garage space and within this (thirteenth) tapemosphere, playing his sopranino sax ...

[VM13] - march 14, 2007

... On wednesday march 14th, 2007, the thirteenth Vicky's Mosquitos performance took place, on the Party Deck of the art.think.box in Netherbeck (Second Life). VM13 was performed by the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, directed by Miulew Takahe (Stockholm). The orchestra members were Maximilian Nakamura (Berlin), Frans Peterman (Amsterdam), Hars Hefferman (Paris) and from the Pomodoro Bolzano team (Regensburg): Bingo Onomatopeia, Vit Latynina, Paco Mariani and DeThomas Dibou.
The event was simultaneously screened and webcast by de Waag Society in Amsterdam, as part of a live emission of Killer TV.
Except for Vicky's voice which was streamed from Sweden into Netherbeck by the director, all sounds used were found and played within Second Life, by means of 'aviophones', created by Bingo Onomatopeia.

[VM12] - september 24, 2006

... On sunday september 24th, 2006, Björn Eriksson organised a play with Vicky just south of Kramfors in Sweden, in an old oil cisterne on Svanö, an island in the river Ångermanälven.

These were the ten performers that together did the twelfth 'play with Vicky' :
Sebastian Svenberg [trumpet, singing bowl, percussion, melodica], Petter Thermaenius [percussion, mandolin, bells, xylophones (children model)], Hildur Hardardottir [violin, singing, percussion], Sara Rydeman [flutes, clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion], Björn Eriksson [cd-player, clarinet, bass clarinet, flutes, bells, accordion], Mikael Danielsson [guitar, mandolin, singing (joik)], Linnea Danielsson [dancing], Per Åhman [dobro, singing, voices, sounds, percussion], Lars Braf [oscillators], Sten Engblom [guitar, mandolin, percussion, singing] ...

Swedish Vicky

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