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aug 04, 2003.

prise en main

My shoebox with enveloppes containing bits of found cassette tape is quickly filling up.
Have to do something about that!

[ Meanwhile, also Zoë has updated the MMM-site, and currently "listening to and mapping the migrating tape-scape of London". If you're in London, and come across some bit of "audiotape flapping in the wind", please send it to MMM! (Interference)
New on the MMM-site also: a pretty how-to-re-spool-found-tape page, and a collection of MMM related links. ]

[ added july 2018 - The original Magnetic Migration Music web site and the pages originally linked above are no longer accessible. ]
Last week I re-spooled ten finds. (There's twenty more waiting ...)
Ten found tapes, that means two new acquisitions for the Found Tapes Exhibition. Tapes found in march and april, in Paris and its suburbs Vincennes, Bobigny, Pontoise, Les Mureaux. One find comes from Gagny, and is in fact the first 'third party' contribution to the Found Tapes Exhibition. It arrived in the mail (merci, Philippe !).

I changed the Exhibition's homepage, stretching it horizontally - like tape! The homepage now also contains a virtual tape machine (Flash 4 or more plugin required), which enables you to listen directly to seven 'found tape objects' (monophonic, lo-fi), not all of which are actually part of the Exhibition ... The progamme of the player will change regularly.

The reddish 'Bande Magnétique' image is a scan of the reel-to-reel tape that I found may 4th ... (See earlier related entry).

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