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september 09, 2002.

Thanks to all that took the trouble to listen to the collage of found cassette tapes (sept. 6, 2002), and helped me to identify the song fragments ...
Here's what I've learned:
The first is from Merle Haggard's "Oakie from Muskoggee" "Okie from Muskogee", which was kindly pointed out to me by one blue nine, then somewhat later confirmed by Rabuck.
As to the hip-hop bit, Rabuck at first thought it was Dr. Mix. "But," he wrote, "it isn't. It could be almost any Rapper from the late 80s early 90s..."
In fact it turned out to be part of the track "Backyard Boogie" by Mack 10, from his 1997 album 'Based On a True story'. Got this piece of info from the Phaktor, which then was easy to check, as Google in less than no time led me to a playable preview of the song ...

So far so good.
I knew that identifying them first two fragments wouldn't be too difficult :) ...

About the rest one blue nine wrote: "The third is West African, I believe. I think you could call the style "high life." The fourth might be Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan , I think. And the fifth is a mystery to me. It might be from Persia/Afghanistan... might also be Sufi music ..."
And Rabuck: "...The rest...who knows?" he said, "I'd just throw the tapes back in the street, they were put there for a reason!"

LOL! But then of course you'll never know who'll pick them up next, now do you, Rabuck?

[ Wanna try? Here's the deep link: MagMig092002.mp3 fotex01.mp3 ... next related SB-entry: detour ]

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september 08, 2002. have doubled the number of mp3-files that artists are allowed to upload. I have brought in Mymory as my third track. It's a short, but also one of my favorite Sound Chronicles.
Among the sonic snapshots used for 'Mymory' there's Natasha doing a tap dance solo, a recording of the dress rehearsal for a show at the Trouville casino and Bill Clinton stating that now his "memory is not what it used to be". (Snapped that one while watching his Lewinsky testimony on Dutch television, 09.21.1998.)

As my fourth track I thought it would be nice to upload something that will be available only here at ... sort of 'hors série", as the French say. Done in a way similar to the Sound Chronicles, but not part of the series, because of the different basic sounds used.

"SansParoles (speechless)" uses sounds from the archives of national broadcast organisations all over the world, made available by Phonurgia Nova, a non-profit trust based in the French City of Arles, dedicated to "the promotion of sound art and creativity in radio".

Here's the list of files that can be downloaded from the Phonurgia site.

For 'Speechless' I used parts of tracks number 55 (tune introducing the announcement on Polish national radio of the capitulation of the German army, 1945), number 11 (tune introducing the news on Radio Suisse Roumande, 1972, at the time of the Munich Olympics massacre), number 33 (countdown to the first day of Radio One, BBC 1967), number 28 (BBC Newsflash announcing Hitler's death, 1945), number 21 (static from this 1937 BBC transmission), number 9 (witness of the disaster of the Malpasset dam (France), which broke on the night of december 2, 1959 and killed over 420 people, Radio Suisse Roumande) and number 54 (the Polish radio announcing the beginning of what became the second world war, 1939).

Apart from these I use a couple of tiny fragments from one of the most spine-chilling public speeches I ever heard on tape, delivered february 18, 1943, in the Berliner Sportpalast, by Goebbels, the minister for People's Enlightenment and Propaganda, shortly after the Germans' defeat at Stalingrad, calling for 'Total War'. An amazing sound document, for many reasons: the calculated styling of text declamation and performance, its histery, and - maybe most of all - the sheer endless roaring cheers of the crowd ...

To counter-act, but also to stress, all this disaster and madness from years past, there's the painfully shrieking part of a (walking) improvisation by Ronald Heiloo, Tim Benjamin and myself (we used violin, melodica and piano) in the Amsterdam art gallery Aorta, march 1983...

Here are the deeplinks. Enjoy!

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