Exhibit 33 - Amsterdam - june/july 2005

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07/02/2005 11h30 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Gerard Doustraat

Small badly damaged bit in the gutter near nr. 68. Divers pop music. In the montage: "More than a feeling", by Boston.

07/01/2005 11h00 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Ferdinand Bolstraat

Near nr. 15. I picked up a bit of tape from the pavement that looked as if someone had gone over it with a flat-iron (see picture). It was near impossible to detach a playable bit. What I managed to get, is part of the montage ...

06/29/2005 18h15 Gavarnie - near hotel les Cimes

While I roamed the streets of Amsterdams, the kids were staying in the Pyrenees. My son Alec (12) spotted a tape at a parking lot near the hotel les Cimes, and picked it up for me. Heavy metal ...

06/29/2005 16h05 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - President Steynplantsoen

Near parc-o-meter opposite nr. 1 (see picture). Reggae. In the montage there's fragments of "Uptown top ranking" by Althea & Donna, and Dandy Livingstone's "Susan beware of the devil".

06/29/2005 15h35 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Linnaeusparkweg

Several bits of one tape, along the parking area opposite nrs. 36-50 (see picture). One side jazz-rock, on the other side Dutch variety: we hear drs. P., doing "Juffrouw Leontien".

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