Exhibit 62

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06/11/2006 17h12 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni

On the other side of the road of the Saint-Maclou, underneath a parked car. Part of a microcassette, which besides from music (african, dance, pop) contains fragments of an interview (?) and messages (?) by french africans.

06/11/2006 17h10 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni

A small bit in the gutter, opposite Saint-Maclou. French pop.

06/06/2006 18h00 Paris XII - rue de la Voûte

Pushing Gersande (8) in a poussette, on our way back home after a longish stay in the Trousseau children's hospital. On the pavement, near nr. 43. Classical piano music.

05/24/2006 10h25 la Courneuve - Place du 8 mai 1945

A worn and badly knotted piece of tape, caught in the metal gate lining an entrance to metro station 'la Courneuve'. Arabic.

05/11/2006 13h20 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Nassaukade

Opposite nr. 337, caught near and in a bicycle rack (see picture). Rap, hip-hop.

05/07/2006 11h05 Utrecht (the Netherlands) - roundabout Amsterdamse Straatweg, Catharijnebaan (Paardenveld)

Spotted while on our way with ookoi to the 'Roam is my Home' performance in the Centraal Museum. Eastern European, my guess is Croatian (?)

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