Exhibit 61

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The tapes comprising exhibits #60 and #61 were publicly disentangled and rewound on sunday october 29th, 2006, in la Maison Folie Moulin (Lille, France), during the ana-R workshop that was part of the Modernités Recyclées program of the Lile 3000 festival.


04/22/2006 17h55 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni

Underneath a small van parked opposite the Liebert Hiross building ... A yellow children's story cassette, 'Planète Simba 1', onto part, but not all, of which the previous owner though recorded a mix of pop music (he or she stuffed the record protection holes with small wads of paper (see picture).

04/19/2006 09h40 Amsterdam - Gerard Doustraat

On the pavement opposite nrs. 18-86, caught under the stand of a rusty Vespa Piaggo moped (see picture). On the tape: french chansons ... We hear part of Je suis malade, de Serge Lama ...

04/13/2006 11h10 Amsterdam - Mr. Treublaan

Had just arrived with the train from Maastricht at the Amstel station, and took tram nr. 12. Spotted this one from inside the tram, wound around the trunk of a tree, opposite nr. 20 (see picture). Got of the tram at the next stop and walked back to pick it up ... South-american (?), pan flutes.

04/11/2006 17h50 Maastricht - Drossaardruwe

On the corner with the Gichtenruwe. On the deserted parking place there was a black cassette lying. Maybe it had just slipped out of the car that I saw leaving? Made in Holland : 'Hollandse Hits Festival, Veronica, deel 2'. From 1992. In the montage you hear Hanny ... "Sex, mannen en geld" ... and Lee Towers' "Ik wou dat ik voor één keer in mijn leven" ...

04/08/2006 11h20 Montreuil - rue Etienne Marcel

In the gutter opposite nr. 221 (see picture). Arabic / eastern european (?)

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