Exhibit 63

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07/09/2006 14h10 Vincennes - rue Diderot

In the gutter, near nr. 166. A big clod, which must have been most of the original tape. One side is empty; the other side contains only one song, which for the full thirty (maybe forty-five) minutes is playing over and over again. It is a 'classic' french chanson, Mon Amant de Saint-Jean, by Lucienne Delyle (1942).

07/04/2006 14h30 Vincennes - avenue Antoine Quinson

I saw this broken tape early in the morning inside a car (see picture) parked in front of the lycée Hector Berlioz when I brought G. (8) to school. When I past again there at lunch time, the car and tape were still around ... I then decided to put a note under the 'ruitenwisser' to ask the car's owner whether I could have the tape ... [ read more ] ... Antillian.

06/29/2006 10h25 Paris XX - avenue de la Porte de Vincennes

Walking with my son A. (12) from Vincennes into Paros, at the end of the exit from the north part of the périphérique (the parisian ring way). Lady singer.

06/22/2006 16h25 Vincennes - rue de Fontenay

On the pavement near the Centre Pompidou, walking back to school with G. (8) - on a tiny red 'push-me' tricycle - and her class, who had been recording a CD full of children's songs at the local conservatory that afternoon. Pop/dance.

06/17/2006 13h05 Saint-Mandé - avenue Pasteur

On the pavement, corner with the route de la Tourelle. A fragment of Queen's Princes of the Universe, from their A kind of Magic album.

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