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02/27/2006 18h00 Paris XX - Montreuil flea market

Two complete packaged tapes left behind on the marketplace, and picked up by me before the cleaners.
First : a cassette with algerian staifi music written and performed by Mohamed Bentoumi, with Succès 92.
Second : three popular Beethoven piano sonatas performed on period instruments by Paul Badura-Skoda ; an Astrée edition , from 1990.

02/27/2006 17h50 Paris XX - Montreuil flea market

Two more damaged cassettes left behind at the wrap-up of the market : a TDK SA C60 tape, and a BASF 'Ferro Extra I' C90 one. The TDK tape is fascinating. It contains, at least partly, (a) recording(s) of (a) franco-arabian (Mahgreb ?) radio emission(s), and has some curious 'mixes', as well as some recordings with a microphone, among which 'remnants' of a girl/woman singing and addressing her absent lover/husband in what sounds like a 'spoken letter'. She speaks in english, with an accent (the quality is pretty bad, recording level is very low ). I suspect this what was originally on the tape, and other things have been later on recorded over this 'cassette letter'.
On the BASF tape there is raï music. In the montage the beginning of Aïcha, by Khaled.

02/27/2006 17h45 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

Five discarded cassettes (see pictures) in the gutter, under a parked car, opposite of the 'Liebert Hiross' building, most of them trempled upon, and broken - though not too badly. Four of them (A, B, D and E) are commercially produced, and, as apparent from the printing, of chinese origin. The fifth (C) does not contain any visibile written or printed indication; the music on it is italian (?) rock.
A and B are cassettes with music of Cantonese singer (?) Alex To. The first - black - cassette contains a 'Universal' logo, a Taiwanese uri, mentions the year 1999 and 'Dajin Music International Incorporated'. On the second one, a cassette edition of his album '99情人杜德偉', the copyright mentions a 'Rock Records Co., Ltd.'
Also D and E are of the same sort: very western mainstream pop/rock/easy listening music, sung in chinese, but with many a phrase or word in english. E is a Meika Music edition, but I have not been able to identify the artist ; D a Philips cassette from 1991, artist not yet identified.

02/27/2006 17h25 Paris XX - Montreuil flea market

Two cassettes left behind during the breaking up of the market, picked them up just before the cleaners would've come to sweep them away.
One : a broken copy of what the plastic says is a cassette edition of the Deep Purple album Made in Europe, from 1976. But the tape that once was inside must have been replaced, with a blank C90 tape, that however still was used to record Deep Purple albums, notably their Machine Head album. But not the Made in Europe album, I think.
The first ten minutes of the tape have been recorded over, with a geography lesson in french. Recorded by microphone, with at times a lot of feedback. Read aloud - probably - by the Deep Purple fan ... the geography reading then gives way to a live version of Child in time.
Two : a data-cassette, with game software for the Commodore 64 computer. Go Racing, from 1984.

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