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10/09/2005 17h15 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni

There was a third cassette, lying in the gutter, again near Top Info's gate. A black TDK SA 90, with a broken bit of tape hanging out, but most of it still inside. With white out there's 'FUN O1' written on both the front and the flip side (see picture). Mix tape; 90 minutes of funk, r&b, rap/hip-hop, rock ...

10/09/2005 17h15 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni

Along the 'Top info' gate runs a narrow drain, covered with a heavy metal grate. Through the grate I spotted a cassette (see picture). Got myself a short wooden stick, with which I managed to fish out both the cassette and a tape (which was not inside). "Noël: chansons câlines", the cassette read, apparently a collection of 'christmas songs' edited in 1999 by "Hemma Editions". The music on the tape indeed corresponded to this and the titles: eight pretty daft french versions of christmas and other carols. With a beat. But also with a surprise: somewhere in the middle of the second track on the B-side, 'Les anges dans nos campagnes' (the french version of "Gloria in excelcis deo"), kids - on a day of christmas past - switched their home cassette player to 'record', and started singing, noising and funning around ... "I'm not a girl, I am a woman," we hear one of them singing ...

10/09/2005 17h15 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni

Near nr. 151, on the pavement, before the closed metal gate of an enterprise called 'Top Info'. A broken, but complete Ferro C60 cassette (a french(?) brand, that I do not remember having encountered before: Pacoje) and a handwritten cover (see picture), telling us that what's on the cassette is (an album?) by 'Coudoux', called(?) 'La Demande' ... Caribbean music, I'd say. Zouk?

10/09/2005 17h05 Paris XX - avenue du professeur André Lemierre

Opposite the Montreuil flea market, wrapped around a metal pole on the pavement near a big parking garage (nr. 40), there was this strand of tape from a micro cassette (see picture). A man recorded on it, in a dictaphone. The recovered recording lasts just a little under 10 minutes. We hear him listening to the news on his car radio, and driving directions being given by a gps system. There's a short phone call, then he is entering a cafe, where the first thing he does is going to the toilet. He orders a drink. Then he talks to a woman. About an envelope that he gave her, containing three thousand and seven hundred euros ...
[There's more about this pretty 'out of the ordinary' find in the SoundBlog ...]

10/09/2005 12h30 Paris XII - Périphérique, at the south bound entrance on the avenue de Courteline

I spotted this one from Cyril's car on saturday october 8th, en route for a Cosmodrone rehearsal. Next morning I went back on foot to look for the clod, which - of course - still was there ... together with a broken pair of spectacles .... (see picture). Mix tape, with rap, funk, r&b tracks.

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