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02/26/2006 16h30 Bobigny - avenue Gallieni

I spotted a cassette that had been thrown on the parking lot of "Top Info" (see picture). Again it was behind a closed metal fence. With some effort and a helping hand from one of the tramps hanging around, I managed to get over the fence and pick up the cassette, and a second one lying a bit further. Both apparently from the same former owner, who made his own covers (see picture) ...
One : Double live album, 101, by Depeche Mode. In the montage a fragment of A question of lust.
Second : Alain Souchon. The cassette starts with his album C'est déjà ça, then continues with more Souchon songs. In the montage there's a fragment of La petitle Bill, elle est malade, de 1977.

02/26/2006 16h15 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

In the gutter near nr. 96. A cassette edition of the 1989 album Let it roll by Don Johnson, the american actor who played the role of Sonny Crocket in the 1980's television series Miami Vice. (See picture). In the montage you hear a fragment of Tell it like it is, with Danny Wilensky on saxophone.

02/26/2006 16h10 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

Lying behind the fence of enterprise 'Liebert Hiross' (see picture). A Polydor cassette edition from 1969 of a double album with Greek music and songs : La Grèce des Temps Heureux. On the A-side, most tracks are (co-)written by Mikis Theodorakis, and on the B-side by bouzouki virtuoso Giorgos Zambetas.

02/26/2006 16h02 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

On the pavement, a Philips MC-30 microcassette, which turned out formerly to have been in use in a telephone answering machine that once belonged to a french male by the name of Frédérique ...

02/26/2006 16h00 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

Two cassettes left on the pavement, near the end of the 'black market'.
One : a broken red cassette with Johan Strauss waltzes, an EMI edition from 1973, played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra directed by Sir Malcolm Sargent (see picture). It says in firm black letttering on the cassette's cover : "Durée d'écoute égale à celle d'un disque 33 tours 30 cm" and "Cette musicassette peut être écoutée avec un lecteur mono"... In the montage you hear some measures from Vie d'Artiste, op. 316
Second : Pyral/Cobalt C60 cassette with the name Luc written on it, and the mention 'vide' (see picture). The tape is not empty though. It contains most of the album Louise Attaque (cf. #266), mingled with other tracks. Curiously, a couple of tracks on the B-side have been manipulated, as if on a turntable Luc has been speeding up and slowing down the corresponding records. It starts with Boney M. 's Ma Baker, then there's even more speed variation in Shania Twain's That don't impress me much. At first I thought the effect to be due to a defect of the cassette, but the 'manipulation' is getting ever more 'intense', until eventually with the Scatman and Black Betty (I think this is Ram Jam's version) it becomes clear that the tracks have been recorded onto the cassette with these manipulations added ... Then suddenly it stops, and tracks are playing back 'normally' again.
Maybe Luc was a turntablist ? ... :-)

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