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04/02/2006 19h00 Vincennes - rue Victor Basch

Tape lying among a pile of rubbisch on the pavement before the elementary school, l'Ecolde de l'Ouest. I guess Dominique Delle is the guy on the cassette's cover, wearing a leather jacket, Ray Ban glasses and so sadly failing to look tough (see picture) ... I tried to find out more about him on the web, but without success. The songs on the tape also sadly fail. Best guess is that this is a self-produced edition, or maybe even just a demo tape? At times so bad it's almost good ...
"Quand je joue sur mes synthés je me sens comme transporté ..."

04/02/2006 18h20 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

Before the 'Top Info' gate. A French RCA cassette from 1976, containing two Liszt piano concertos (no.1 - en mi bémol - and no.2 - en la), performed by L. Pennario with the London Symphonic Orchestra directed by R. Leibowitz (see picture).

04/02/2006 18h15 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

Two cassettes lying behind the gate of the parking opposite the Liebert Hiross building (see picture). One is a cassette edition of the album Double Jeu by Michel Berger et France Gall, the other a french 'story telling' tape : Bibliothèque de l'Aventure - Les Mille et Une Nuits, ©Fabbri, 1997. The texts are read by Gérard Chevalier.

04/02/2006 18h00 Bagnolet - rue Jules Ferry

Small strand in the gutter, opposite nr. 6 ...

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