Exhibit 58

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04/01/2006 16h00 Saint-Ouen - Mains d'Oeuvres, Studio N

We rehearsed with Cosmodrone in Etienne Jaumet's cellar studio for our then upcoming Hors d'Oeuvres performance. Around a tap on one of the big pipes running there hung a whole lot of reel-to-reel tape (see picture). Origin unknown.

04/01/2006 14h00 Montreuil - rue Colmet-Lépinay

While on my way to FlexRex' place, opposite nr. 9 I passed a parked blue Opel Vectra 20i, which had its windows open. Inside there were ... cassettes (see picture) ... Now I know that this was an awfully bad thing to do, but I could not resist the tempation ... I stuck in my arm, and took them ... three of them ...
["Hmmmm ... Now what do you think?... True?... Or April's fool?"]
Two of them were cassettes manufactured by an algerian enterprise called Cadic Productions. Both contain easy listening tunes and synthi kitsch versions of popsongs. In the montage you hear part of a version of George Michael's Careless Whisper. On one of the Cadic cassettes it reads: "Mieux on connait les cassettes plus on aime les cassettes" ... (see picture).
The third has been recorded from a scratchy record of a french chansonnier.

03/30/2006 16h40 Pantin - avenue Jean Jaurès

Opposite nr. 259, flapping in the hot air rising up through a metro grating in the pavement (see picture).

03/30/2006 13h00 Pantin - avenue des Courtilières

Small strand stuck in the shrubbery opposite la maison des Courtillières ...

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