Exhibit 60

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The tapes comprising exhibits #60 and #61 were publicly disentangled and rewound on sunday october 29th, 2006, in la Maison Folie Moulin (Lille, France), during the ana-R workshop that was part of the Modernités Recyclées program of the Lile 3000 festival.


04/06/2006 15h00 Paris XX - avenue du professeur André Lemierre

On our way back we passed along the flea market terrain (which on non market days is used as a parking place). The terrain is boarding the parisian ringway, the périphérique. For some reason, near traffic pole 144 (see picture), one of the gates through the metal fence that give acces to the road had not been properly locked. I jumped at the occasion, went through, and collected three tapes among a stretch of some ten meters of rubbish in the verge lining the traffic jams. One: a soiled and bemired copy of the cassette edition of Pink Floyd's The Wall (see picture); second: a cassette full with french songs and singing for children, at least some (and maybe all?) of it from Steve Waring recordings; third: french rock ...

04/06/2006 14h20 Bagnolet - avenue de la République

I walked with Rinus to the bus station in Galieni, where he needed to buy a ticket to Amsterdam. This strand of was on the crossing with the avenue Galieni, wrapped around the pole of a traffic light. Arabic.

04/05/2006 19h30 Vincennes

This tape was dumped by Rinus van Alebeek on our hall table, on the first SADO evening. He had picked it up in Italy, along a country road leading from the community of Villafranca to that of Licciana Nardi, sometime in february of this year (see picture). It is filled with dance and techno, recorded from an italian radio emission. And then, at the very end, suddenly there's the sound of italian kids, 'recording themselves', singing and strumming a guitar ... "Adrenalina pura" ...

04/03/2006 12h40 Créteil - pont de Créteil

After my 'nose job', walking back to the RER station in sort of a daze, I spotted another bit of tape on the bridge. On the other side this time. Asiatic.

04/03/2006 09h30 Créteil - pont de Créteil

I was walking across the bridge on my way from the RER station to the hospital in Créteil, where I was to undergo polypectomy that monday morning. Strand caught in tapecatchers on the left side of the road. Antillean/caribean.

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