Exhibit 78 - Found in Berlin - february 2007

[ - february 07-09, 2007 (Transitlounge, Berlin) ; february 17th -- play/download ­čÄ ­čÄž ]

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02/12/2007 00h30 Berlin (Germany) - Schnellerstra├če spot

Near the Zentrum Sch├Âneweide, opposite Kaufland. German trucker songs.

02/08/2007 15h15 Berlin (Germany) - Warschauerstra├če spot

Caught in a weed on the pavement near a parked car (see picture). Techno.

02/08/2007 12h50 Berlin (Germany) - Karlshorsterstra├če spot

Wound around a metal pole on the pavement, covered by snow, just after the second S-bahn bridge. I stepped off my bicycle to ask a woman, that was approaching with her dog, the way to the W├╝lischstra├če. She doesn't know, and actually points me in the direction away from S-bahn station Ostkreuz. I am sure that can not be right ... So a linger a bit, look around. Then, when getting back onto my bike, I look at the pavement near my feet. Much to my surprise there's a tape just next to my shoes. A dirty, wet clod ...

02/08/2007 00h30 Berlin (Germany) - Wendel

Udo P. Leiss and Wolfram Der Spyra cut up a reel-to-reel tape at the end of their performances at the kleine field recording festival, in caf├ę Wendel. They spread bits and pieces of the tape over the tables, floor and the head of the public. This is the bit I picked up and took. German schlagermusik. Carnaval..

02/07/2007 12h05 Berlin (Germany) - K├Âpenicker Chaussee

A little bit further, a small strand on yet another trafffic island. Nothing but the tape noise.

02/07/2007 12h00 Berlin (Germany) - K├Âpenicker Chaussee spot

On traffic island on the corner with the Blockdammweg, opposite a Total gasstation (see picture). Rock 'n' Roll ...

02/01/2007 18h00 Berlin (Gemany) - Petersburgerstra├če

Found by Rinus van Alebeek, on the bicycle lane in the direction of Friedrichshain, between Landsberger Allee and Kochhannstra├če.

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