Exhibit 79

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This acquisition was adopted by the Werkgoep Interactieve Media, based in Hoogersmilde (the Netherlands), on october 13th, 2008 ... [ ? ]


03/30/2007 12h45 Berlin (Germany) - Skalitzerstra├če spot

Cycling around Berlin, where I went back a few days for the finissage of the Acoustic Flux exhibition, I picked up this bit, which was wound around the foot of a lamppost at the Lausitzer Platz, near the Evangelische Emmauskirche (see picture). Turkish (?) music.

03/18/2007 17h50 Paris XI - boulevard Richard Lenoir spot

I walked on to the place de la Bastille, and not much further along the boulevard, in the gutter near nr. 80, I picked up a second tape.

03/18/2007 17h30 Paris XI - rue Oberkampf spot

Spotted while hurrying in a cab with C. to arrive in time for the start of a singing contest. I went back there a couple of hours later to pick it up. It still was there, in the gutter on the corner of the rue Oberkampf and the boulevard Richard Lenoir (see picture).

03/16/2007 18h10 Zwolle (the Netherlands) - Marsweg spot

Just a bit further along the Marsweg, I spotted another tape, caught in the thorny shrubbery along the road (see picture). Rap.

03/16/2007 18h05 Zwolle (the Netherlands) - Marsweg spot

On the corner with the Geerenweg, spotted from inside Splogman's car, on our way back from the studio of Radio Zwolle, where that friday ookoi where Splogman's guests in an episode of his 'Vreemde Geluiden' emission. Divers pop.

03/12/2007 18h35 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Ferdinand Bolstraat spot

Wound around foot lamppost, on the pavement near 'D-Reizen', corner with Gerard Doustraat (see picture). Dutch songs.

03/12/2007 18h25 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Quellijnstraat spot

At foot of tree on pavement opposite nr. 104. Heavy heavy metal on one side, french chansons (!) on the other ...

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