Exhibit 77

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01/26/2007 21h40 Montreuil - rue du Progrès spot

Three broken cassettes, on stretch of parking lot, corner with the rue Emile Zola:
A_ :: An english language course, probably a copy as the cover labels seem to be bad photo copies. It reads there: "Rushes 1 - Programmes d'anglais AFDAS". The AFDAS is a french educational organism for professionals in the 'cultural industry'. This english course apparently was meant for those working in the film industry.
B_ :: A cassette album (Gönlüm Dağlarda) by turkish folksinger Özlem Özdil
C_ :: Another cassette from a language course, this one italian: "l'Italien pour tous".

01/22/2007 15h35 Paris XX - avenue du professeur André Lemierre

A small strand in the mud behind the low metal fence surrounding the little green spece on the corner with the rue Edouard Vaillant, to which I alwas fasten my bicycle when visiting the flea market. Punk rock.

01/22/2007 15h30 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni

In the gutter, at the entrance of the small enclosed part of the flea market.

01/22/2007 15h20 Bagnolet - avenue du général de Gaulle spot

A smashed microcassette (see picture), in the gutter. It is mostly empty, but contains a few short recordings of people talking, of a man reading a text, a (?) ...

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