Exhibit 46 - Brussels, Belgium (I) - nov. 11/13, 2005

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The weekend of november 11-13th, 2005 I was in Brussels. Not to look there for cast away cassettes, but to spend some time with my friend Marta B. However, already the moment when, after arriving in Brussels on friday afternoon, I got out of the tram at the stop nearest to where Marta lives, I stepped right in the middle of a cassette clod (#261) ...


11/13/2005 20h25 Hainaut (Belgium) - highway frontier with France, Hainaut/Valenciennes

Next to the entrance of the 'Snack Friterie / Tourisme Shop', on the belgian side of the frontier where the highway passes from Belgium to France, from Hainaut to Valenciennes (see pictures). The clod contains a recording of what must have been a radio emission. I am not sure in what language. At first thought it to be slavic, but maybe it is portuguese? As always: help appreciated ...

11/12/2005 20h25 Brussels (Belgium) - rue Thiéfry / Thiéfrystraat

A small strand on the pavement, on the corner with the rue de Coteaux / Heuvelenstraat. Curiously enough, this almost certainly comes from the same tape as does #261, that I found one and a half day earlier, not far from there actually ... the strand contained another fragment from Sisqó's song Dream ...

11/12/2005 12h25 Brussels (Belgium) - avenue Rogier / Rogierstraat

In the gutter near nrs. 193-195. Arabic pop.

11/12/2005 12h15 Brussels (Belgium) - avenue Rogier / Rogierstraat

In the gutter near nrs. 155-157, and on the small bridge crossing the railway track (see picture). Rap / hip-hop, in different languages (french, spanish, english). In the montage you hear part of 'Some L.A. Niggaz', which is a Dr. Dre track. Not sure whether this is Dr. Dre's version.

11/11/2005 14h06 Brussels (Belgium) - avenue Rogier / Rogierstraat

I got out of tram nr. 90, at stop 'Coteaux', and stepped right onto a strand of cassette tape, coming from a clod that was in a dustbin wrapped around the metal legs of an office chair (see picture). Anglophonic pop music. Fragment of Dream, by Sisqó, from his album Return of the dragon.

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