"Found In .?." - special limited editions on cassette

The Found Tapes Exhibition's "Found In ..." series are limited editions of selected fotex montages on cassettes, produced one-on-one from the original .aiff-file of the montage. They are made on those occassions that I went out looking for tapes in a city or region, as part of a residency, exposition, installation or other local event.
Here you can order copies of the limited edition cassettes and pay online, using your Paypal account or creditcard. All prices are in euros, and include p&p ...
found in brooklyn Found in Brooklyn, NY (FI_#05) is fotex87.
It collects the tapes that I picked, mainly in the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, in september 2007, as part of the 2007 edition of the Conflux festival.
duration: 26 minutes;
price: €15
found in brussels Found in Brussels (FI_#04) is fotex83.
It collects the tapes that I found in Brussels in june 2007, during the 'Tape It : Found Tapes'-event hosted by Recyclart.
duration: 38 minutes;
price: €15
found in cologne Found in Cologne (FI_#03) is fotex80.
It collects the tapes that I found in Cologne (Germany) in april 2007, as part of Tapemosphere #9.
duration: 9,5 minutes;
price: €10
found in berlin Found in Berlin (FI_#02) is fotex78.
It collects the tapes that I found in Berlin, in february 2007 as part of the 'Found Tapes'-exhibition hosted by Kunstraum Takt, and the 'Found Tapes' event in the Transitlounge.
duration: 7 minutes;
price: €10
found in maastricht Found in Maastricht (FI_#01) is fotex37.
It is made using the tapes that I found during a three hour walk across Maastricht (the Netherlands), on july 24th, 2005, and edited at the Maastricht Stichting Intro / In Situ.
duration: 15 minutes;
price: €12

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