Exhibit 67

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09/12/2006 18h05 Bobigny - rue Edouard Renard

In the shrubbery, tape wound around a broken blue cassette (See picture). On the cassette is printed: Seyfi Doganay, Küstüm (Oy Cano). Turkish.

09/12/2006 12h25 Bobigny - rue Racine

Amidst the plants in a planter opposite the local library. (See picture) Part of an english course: 'Auto Anglais Intermediate. Cassette Three.'

09/12/2006 12h15 Bobigny - rue Racine

On the corner of the rue Voltaire, next to a telephone booth a smashed and unwound cassette (see picture). On the broken cover is written 'Cheikh Mahmoud Al Tablaoui, Ma Tayassara Men' and 'Sourat Al Mou'minoun, men 12 ILA 37 men Nour'. Recitations from the Koran.

09/12/2006 09h00 Pantin - avenue de la Division Leclerc

Lining the traffic island opposite the public gardens. French chansons ... Avé Maria ...

09/11/2006 15h33 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

In the gutter under a car parked in front of nr. 113. French rap... "Depuis une éternité est annoncé mon arrivé ..."

09/09/2006 17h45 Paris XX - avenue du Professeur André-Lemierre

In the gutter near nr. 50, a broken BASF C90 'Fantastic Sound'. On what remains of a sticker on the A-side one may still read: 'offi olomide in live' (see picture)... So we may be hearing Koffi Olomide here ...

09/09/2006 17h30 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

Three tapes near nrs. 151-163:
A_ :: In the gutter a broken tape with music by George Frideric Handel: "Die Oboensonaten, volume 1". A 'Capricicio digital' edition (see picture).
B_ :: Behind the gate of the flea market, a 'Low Noside' C90 cassette. On one of the labels is hand written in red capitals: 'GLAZOUNOFF' (see picture). The symphonic music it contains must be by the russion post-romantic composer Alexander Glazunov. Recorded from radio.
C_ :: On the pavement: 'Vous en souvenez-vous ?', from 1978. Easy-listening by Robert Valentino et ses rythmes, in the serie 'Punch' (see picture).

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