Exhibit 66

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09/03/2006 18h15 Bagnolet - avenue de la République

Two cassettes lying in a porch, just around the corner from the avenue Gallieni:
A_ :: 'Language instruction cassette' with lessons in portuguese, 'prepared at the FSI language laboratory' (see picture)
B_ :: 'Une histoire extraordinaire'. The story of Jesus, as told by père Jacques Sevenet. Editions Didakhe, Paris. (see picture)

09/03/2006 18h00 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

On the corner of the passage des Italiens, under a parked car.

09/03/2006 17h25 Montreuil - rue François Arago

More rubbish just around the corner of the rue Diderot, with five cassettes lying next to a dustbin (near nr. 84):
A_ :: "Méthode Active de Développement Personnel, K7 No.2" (see picture)
B_ :: Panasonic Incoming Message Tape, from a telephone answering machine
C_ :: A demo tape, containing two french songs, one at each side of an Ampex C10 cassette (see picture) ... "On t'a jamais tatoué ..."
D + E_ :: Two 'astro cassettes', issued by the Ecole d'Astrologie Supérieure de Paris, with recorded courses in 'traditional astrologie'. In the montage there's a fragment of a case study: the horoscope of french strangler Lucien Léger.

09/03/2006 17h15 Montreuil - rue Diderot

Three cassettes amidst a huge pile of rubbish:
A_ :: La Pronunciation de l'Anglais, in the series 'Les Langues Pour Tous' (Languages for Everyone).
B_ :: Tape from a telephone answering machine (see picture).
C_ :: A short french story + songs for kids: La Toilette d'Amandine, written by Jean-Pierre Douté. In the series Les Aventures de Mère'Gant (Productions 19/38).

09/02/2006 15h50 Paris V - rue des Fossées St. Bernard

Underway with Alec (13) to the saturday's Magic cards trading gathering on the Place Jussieu. At the foot of a tree, opposite the Institut Arabe. Arabic.

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