Exhibit 65 - Amsterdam/Maastricht III - aug. 2006

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08/20/2006 17h20 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Govert Flinckstraat

On the pavement near nr. 228, between a tree and a bicycle rack ...

08/18/2006 19h30 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Albert Cuypstraat

Stepping onto the Albert Cuyp from the Ferdinand Bolstraat with Gersande (9) - with the market just having been wrapped up, and the municipial cleaning services about to start their daily clean sweeping - there was a broken cassette lying near the 'Euroland' shop. Its tape was somehow caught and stretched out between - on the one side - the signs above the entrance of the 'Euroland' shop - and on the other - the back side of a dustbin lorry. A strong wind blew and kept it flapping like a flagstaff rope. We sort of pulled it in like fishermen ... (see picture). On the cassette there was a sticker on which had been scrawled: 'UB40'. That was correct. In the montage a fragment from One in Ten, from the band's 1981 album Present Arms.

08/18/2006 12h30 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Statensingel

On traffic island, on the corner with the Cabergerweg (see pictures). Eastern european rap.

08/18/2006 11h40-13h00 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Brusselseweg

In the shrubbery along both sides of a busy street leading to Belgium, near the number 313-317 (see picture). A smashed and messed up tape, surely thrown out of a passing car. I also found fragments of the cassette itself (see picture): Summer Holiday, an album by the Dutch 'middle of the road pop' band BZN, which means: 'Band Zonder Naam', or, in english: 'Band Without a Name'.

08/17/2006 00h10 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Govert Flinckstraat

On the pavement, caught in the metal spikes of a manhole cover, near the number 203. Small strand. ??

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