Exhibit 56

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03/12/2006 14h00 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - van Hilligaertstraat

On a traffic island on the bridge at the van Ruysdaelkade side (see picture). A broken TDK SA 60 cassette. On the A side there is written with a black felt pen: "nirvana". SoundHound (August 6th, 2010) indeed recognized the Nirvana track "Endless, Nameless", as well as "Desire", by a band named Suicide Commando.

03/11/2006 17h05 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Waterlooplein

Cassette left behind at the end of the market. Brand : BASF ferro super LH 90 tape. On it an episode of the program 'Funky Town', on belgian public radio (BRT2, Omrpoep Brabant). As one of the 'new records' played in the episode is Diana Ross' Silk Electric, which was originally released in september 1982, the emission must be from late 1982. Among the fragments in the montage there's Nasty Girl, by Vanity 6.

03/11/2006 13h10 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Weesperplein

Caught by a bicycle, near the tube entrance at the corner with the Sarphatistraat. The tape strand contained anglophonic and dutch op music. In the montage : "Laat me niet staan", being a dutch version of Lennon/McCartney's "Don't let me down" ...

03/05/2006 17h33 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

Underneath a car, parked opposite nrs. 151-163. Eastern european ; I think Ukrainian.

03/05/2006 17h20 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

In the gutter in front of the 'Liebert Hiross' building. One of the two cassettes you see lying there (see picture) was empty (a SONY CHF90), the second one a smashed, entirely transparent, cassette, without any mention or marque. It contained a shortish, but apparently complete, tape which appears to contain traditional vietnamese music from and played by the musicians of the Thanh Long Water Puppet Theater.

03/04/2006 18h45 Paris XX - Montreuil flea market

Cassette tape strand, stretched out for some 20, 30 meters along the empty market place. French variety. We hear Jean Ferrat sing "Pardonnez-moi mademoiselle", from his album Je ne suis qu'un cri.

02/27/2006 18h30 Vincennes - rue Massue

A dirty, wet clod of tape, mingled with pieces of dust and paper (see picture). In the gutter near the dustbins, nr. 11. Francophonic somewhat reggae-ish swing ... "J'en ai marre du système," the singer sings.

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