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10/03/2005 17h10 Aubervilliers - avenue de la division Leclerc

On the traffic island opposite the gare routière and metro station Fort d'Aubervilliers. A mix tape with pop, r&b, rap tracks ... Shining Star ... that must be Earth, Wind and Fire ... And Shazam recognized Best Friend by Brandy (June 15th 2010).

10/03/2005 9h15 Paris X - place Robert Desnos

Two of two. Found and contributed by Mark Webster. A mix tape, parts of which (at least) stem from a broadcast recorded from 'hit radio' NRJ [see also find #25]. Among the hits there's Bob Marley and the Wailers' Get up, stand up and Ricky Martin's She bangs. There's also a couple of 'soft jazzy songs', without jingles, that therefore maybe were not recorded from NRJ. Shazam also recognized Moby's Natural Blues (Blissful Beats) (June 15th 2010).

10/03/2005 9h15 Paris X - place Robert Desnos

One of two. A big clod of cassette tape found and contributed by Mark Webster, contained, besides the (black colored) bulk [#239] a smallish brown colored bit of tape. Techno.

10/01/2005 14h00 Montreuil - rue Colmet-Lepinay

Picked this out of the gutter near nr. 4, while on my way to rehearse with Cosmodrone for our Ufolology intervention ... Also this one ... : empty ...

09/29/2005 12h15 Bobigny - rue d'Alésia

Two of two tape strands (they have a different color, so they must stem from different cassettes) on the sandy playground next to nr. 17. This one: empty ... just tape hiss.

09/29/2005 12h15 Bobigny - rue d'Alésia

One of two tape strands on the sandy playground next to nr. 17. Most of it is empty; then there's some forty seconds of fine 'n' angry french rap/hip-hop.

09/19/2005 17h30 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Rijnstraat

Near the trash can opposite the fast food store (snackbar) on the corner with the Amstelkade (see picture). Small bit, very damaged.

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