Exhibit 43 - Bobigny/Pantin - oct. 10th, 2005

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10/10/2005 13h47 Bobigny - boulevard Lénine

Along the tramway track, on the corner with the rue de l'Union. Mixed up with a bit of VHS tape. Arabic.

10/10/2005 13h45 Bobigny - boulevard Lénine

Wrapped around the pole of a traffic light, on the corner with the rue du Lieutenant Lebrun. Anglo-american pop music.

10/10/2005 13h25 Bobigny - rue Jean Jaurès

Along the tramway track, on the corner with the place de l'Escadrille Normandie-Niemen (see picture). French children's songs. (See also #282.)

10/10/2005 13h10 Bobigny - rue Stalingrad

Small, badly damaged bit, caught - by the looks of it for a long time already - behind the gate of the bridge across the railway.

10/10/2005 13h00 Bobigny - rue de Stalingrad

On traffic island at the crossing with the rue Marcel Cachin (see picture).

10/10/2005 09h50 Pantin - avenue des Courtillières

See picture. Recordings of emissions of the french radio France Culture. The tape contains (fragments of) the ninth and tenth part of 'Les aventures mythologiques de Dédale', a radio play by Denis Boissier, directed by Jean Couturier, which was broadcasted in 1994, and a fragment of an emission entitled Poésie sur Parole.

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