Exhibit 83 - Found in Brussels - june 2007

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06/06/2007 17h15 Brussels (Belgium) - rue Blaes / Blaesstraat spot

Around the foot of a metal pole on the pavement near nr. 134 (see picture). Accompanied by fragments of church bell ringing and choir singing, a man tells in flemish roman catholic stories about italy and an italian priest manifesting stigmata.

06/06/2007 16h40 Brussels (Belgium) - Place du jeu de Balle / Vossenplein spot

Around the foot of a metal pole on the pavement across the street from the place de Jeu de Balle, on the rue Blaes side (see picture). African.

06/06/2007 16h30 Brussels (Belgium) - Place du jeu de Balle / Vossenplein spot

A green BASF C90 LH cassette, with on its A-side a recording of Schumann's "Vie et amour d'une femme". The B-side was empty.

06/06/2007 09h35 Brussels (Belgium) - Rue du Moulin / Molenstraat spot

Opposite nr. 36, on the pavement near the entrance to the clinique Saint-Etienne (see picture). Punk rock.

06/05/2007 15h15 Brussels (Belgium) - Place du jeu de Balle / Vossenplein spot

A man picks up a cardbpard box. He apparently needs one to put stuff in, for he turns it upside down to empty it from its contents. Out came tumbling a heap of cassette tapes. I picked them up, counting. There were sixteen of them, all from one collection. And a curious one it was ... There is a more detailed description in the soundblog ...

06/05/2007 15h05 Brussels (Belgium) - Place du jeu de Balle / Vossenplein spot

Some minutes later I saved a lot of 6 cassettes, just before the cleaners would've picked them up to toss them in their van. Most of it was dutch or flemish entertainment. It included a cassette of the album "Onverwacht" by singer Luc van Meeuwen, a cassette with songs by dutch singer Rob de Nijs and compilation cassettes with the titles "De Daverende Dertien", "16 Vlaamse Hits" and "15 Hardrijders" (dutch/flemish trucker songs ... "Eén hand aan de knuppel, en één hand aan het stuur ..." )

06/05/2007 15h00 Brussels (Belgium) - Place du jeu de Balle / Vossenplein spot

A. Reader's Digest - Cassette de Démonstration. "Cette cassette vous donnera un avant-goût de la collection musicale THE MAGIC OF RICHARD CLAYDERMAN". B. Divers pop, frans- en engelstalig; o.a. Simple Minds enz. C. E-Point Super Sound. Break Dance Scratch (cover versions) (scan van het hoesje maken) ('Break Dance - Electric Boogie')

06/05/2007 14h45 Brussels (Belgium) - Nieuwland

When I pass under one of the spots alongside the gare de la Chapelle where the road passes underneath the railway, there are two parked cars with smashed side windows. In one of them, a red Toyato Corolla with a belgian number plate (see picture), there lies a cassette tape. I took it. It's a mix-tape, with mainly disco/funk/soul music. [ If you read this and are or (think you might) know the owner of that Toyato, please do contact me (mention the number of the car's licence). ]

06/05/2007 14h35 Brussels (Belgium) - rue de la Roue / Radstraat spot

This must have been a tape that crashed not long before I passed through this street just opposite of Recyclart. Blijkbaar vers gecrashed bandje. Part of it was wound around a parked car's right side view mirror (see picture). The rest of it was spread out along the pavement, reaching from nr. 33 until about nr. 25. There I found remaining parts of the cassette itself. It carried little paper stickers on which there was written: (A-side) "MADILU SYSTEM dans BONHEUR" with above that: "PAULINE". The little sticker on the B-side has been torn in half. What rests reads: " dans Bonheur Pauline Nestor".

06/05/2007 09h50 Brussels (Belgium) - rue de la Poste / Poststraat spot

In the gutter, near nr. 155, wound around a bit of weed. (See picture.)

06/05/2007 09h10 Brussels (Belgium) - Chaussée de Helmet / Helmetsesteenweg spot

In the gutter, near nr. 47. Spotted while driving by in Marta's car.

06/04/2007 15h30 Brussels (Belgium) - place du Jeu de Balle / Vossenplein spot

Three tapes, that were left behind amidst the rubbish at the end of the market day.
A. The first side starts with a sonata for piano de Schubert. A woman's voice (recorded with a microphone) announces it: "Sonate de Schubert ..." Turns out to be a radio recording , BRT3, classical music. The second side is empty.
B. First side: Monteverdi Vespro della beata Vergine nrs. 10-12 Second Side: vervolg Monteverdi vespro; magnificat à 7 voix.
C. Mozart's Requiem. The tape contains a curious recording on the end of side B. We hear someone is playing the piano, and someone else who appears to be passing a vacuüm cleaner. Just before the tape ends we hear two voices. They sound as those of 'bad actors' doing a theatre play.

06/04/2007 10h00 Brussels (Belgium) - rue Verbist / Vebiststraat spot

Very short, very twisted bit, in the gutter near nr. 95.

06/04/2007 09h45 Brussels (Belgium) - rue Verbist / Vebiststraat spot

In the mud of the broken-up pavement in front of nr. 5. Rap / hip-hop.

06/03/2007 14h35 Brussels - Quai de l'Industrie / Nijverheidskaai spot

Just a bit further on the parking lot behind the Abattoirs markets. Funk.

06/03/2007 14h30 Brussels - Quai de l'Industrie / Nijverheidskaai spot

On the corner of the Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel, behind the Abattoirs markets.

06/03/2007 14h20 Brussels (Belgium) - Quai de l'Industrie / Nijverheidskaai spot

On the corner with the Materiaalstraat (see picture).

06/03/2007 14h00 Brussels (Belgium) - Place du Conseil spot

Near the rue Raphaël. A broken cassette was laying next to a parked car, and next to a pile of dried dogshit. Part of the spoiled tape had been wound neatly around the plastic cassette. (See picture). On one side there stuck a (once) white sticker, with handwritten, in capitals: "O Dana Eh Papa Wanyi ..." African.

06/03/2007 10h05 Brussels (Belgium) - Chaussée de Haacht / Haachtsesteenweg spot

Spotted the day before from inside the bus. Bit wound around the foot of a pole on the corner with the Koninginneplein, opposite nrs. 140/143. (See picture).

06/02/2007 18h45 Brussels (Belgium) - avenue de l'Astronomie / Sterrenkundelaan spot

Opposite the busstop next to the exit of the metro station Madou. Two bits were caught in the green metal chain that fences off part of the road. (See picture).

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