Exhibit 84

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06/24/2007 18h45 Paris XII - avenue du professeur A. Lemierre spot

Opposite nr. 6 (see pictures). Arabic.

06/24/2007 18h40 Paris XII - avenue du professeur A. Lemierre spot

Opposite nrs. 40-50 (see picture). Arabic.

06/24/2007 18h35 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni spot

A crashed copy (see picture) of a cassette album by american rock/pop singer Richard Marx: Rush Street, from 1991.

06/09/2007 18h Montrouge - allée de la Valliere spot

On the corner with the avenue Marx Dormoy. Anglophonic rap / hip-hop.

06/09-10/2007 Vincennes - avenue de Paris spot

In the course of two days I found three bits of tape, at three different spots along the avenue de Paris. They were all of the same original tape: an english language course.
06/09 : at 9h20 on the pavement on the corner with the rue Segond. Around 11h00 I passed by another strand, near the entrance of the hôpital Begin.
06/10 : around 17h, I spotted another bit, on the traffic island on the corner with the place Bérault.

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