Exhibit 82

[ - dec. 01, 2007, @ Dorkbot #7, during the ARTE Tracks festival, Espace Agnès B., Paris X -- play/download 🎶 🎧 ]


05/29/2007 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Gerard Doustraat spot

A couple of strands spread over the pavement before the Albert Heijn supermarket and the day-care center for children, the Gouden Koets. There was nothing to be heard on the tape but some hiss ...

05/27/2007 Buenos Aires (Argentina)

A present from Yiyi de la Mota, who gave me this piece of tape when we were performing with ookoi in the Art Garage in Maastricht. She picked it up some months earlier in the streets of Buenos Aires, and took it with her all the way from there.

05/19/2007 Ueberlingen (Germany) - Langgasse spot

Contributed by Magnus Schaefer who wrote to me: "I picked this tape up in about 2000 or 2001 in a street called Langgasse in Überlingen, the town where my parents live. Actually it was the first piece of tape I ever found on the street and I remember that I was really fascinated by this small heap of magnetic tape back then. When I recently visited my parents I came across the tape in an old box and decided to send it to you." Heavy metal.

05/18/2007 19h00 Paris X - rue du faubourg du Temple spot

On the corner of the Quai de Jemmapes, wound around a pole on a traffic island near the pedestrians crossing (see picture). Picked up while on my way to perform with Blinde Kinder in La Comète 347. Caribean.

05/01/2007 17h40 Vincennes - rue de Fontenay spot

In the gutter near nr. 195, a smashed cassette, entitled A padaria. This is the title of an album from 2006 by the portuguese folk singer Quim Barreiros. In the montage you hear part of a song called Fica amor tá cedo.

04/29/2007 13h30 Paris X - place de la République spot

Contributed by FlexRex, who picked this bit of tape on the day of our concert at La Générale. Arabic.

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