Exhibit 80 - Found in Köln - april 2007

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04/04/2007 10h40 Köln (Germany) - Hohenzollernring spot

Near the Friesenplatz, in a bit of weed near the foot of a tree in the pavement (see picture), and wound around a metal pole alongside a taxi stand. When I stripped that second piece off the pole and held in my hand it struck my as looking very much like a crown of thorns (see picture) ... German and east-european rap.

04/03/2007 15h15 Köln - Neuköllnerstraße spot

In fence and verge along part of the road leading under the Cäcilienstrasse, opposite the Sternengasse. Turkish pop.

04/03/2007 12h40 Köln - Amsterdamerstraße spot

On the corner of the Florastraße, near the Zoo, in the verge along the road, there were it passes under the Innere Kanalstraße. (see picture).There was a part of the plastic of the cassette among the tape rests, which suggests we hear parts from the album Paramparça, of the turkish (folk) singer Müslüm Gürses.

04/03/2007 10h25 Köln (Germany) - Thürmchenswall spot

Caught in a bike lock wound around the pole of a traffic sign (see picture). Rock. Souds likeBob Dylan, but I'm not sure.

04/02/2007 23h55 Köln (Germany) - Aachener Straße spot

Spotted on the corner of the Rudolfplatz, while biking with the Tapemosphere boys to the Aachener Straße, to drink some beers hanging around in a shop's porch. On it there's a brass band playing marching band and carnival's music.

04/02/2007 18h55 Köln (Germany) - Justinianstraße spot

Another bit of tape wound around a Löwenzahn (see picture), on the corner with the Deutz-Kalkerstrasse. Turkish pop.

04/02/2007 18h00 Köln (Germany) - Kalker Hauptstraße spot

Trapped in and around a dandelion's leaves. Béla's mother taught me the flower is called Löwenzahn in german. It was at the foot of a tree in the pavement in front of an agency of the Citibank, nr. 150. (see picture). African music.

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