Exhibit 81

[ - nov. 30, 2007, @ Dorkbot #7, during the opening of the ARTE Tracks festival, Espace Agnès B., Paris X -- play/download 🎶 🎧 ]


04/20/2007 13h23 Rotterdam (the Netherlands) - Erasmusbrug spot

Picked up at the pedestrians crossing on the corner with the Wilhelminakade, along the tram track near the traffic lights, with Peter on our way back from visiting the DEAF exhibitions in Las Palmas and Pakhuismeesteren on the Wilhelminakade. Turkish/arabic.

04/19/2007 16h10 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Holterbergweg spot

A short bit of tape on the 'middenstrook', near the Buitensingel, that I picked up on the bicycle on my way back from buying a bunch of 'certified reconditioned' shuffle iPods at the MediaMarkt near the Amsterdam Arena. On one side of the bit of tape, we hear part of Jezebel, by Frankie Lane. On the other side, we hear people talking, and a bird squeaking. (It is sort of an hypothesis of mine, with as evidence several of the tapes that I got also from, for instance, flea markets, that people who keep live sing birds at their homes are (were) more likely to record themselves conversing on cassette and other audio tape than people without or with other live pets.) They speak dutch, with a very local Amsterdam accent. It is not easy to follow this snippet of bird backed conversation ... but they talk about money, in the pre-euro dutch currency, the gulden ...

04/18/2007 18h10 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Muzenplein spot

On the corner with the Herman Heijermansweg, in the weeds around the pole of a huge billboard (see picture). More english talk: a reading of Roald Dahl's Charly and the Chocolate Factory.

04/17/2007 10h05 Vincennes - rue de Fontenay spot

A cassette on the corner with the rue des deux communes. It was posed on a dustbin. Part of an english language course, entitled: "L'anglais aujourd'hui - VOCABLE". The texts on the cassette, presented in the form of a radio/talk show are all about french wine, as presented and served by an englishman who's owning a wine bar in Paris. Side A: Waiter, a Magnum of your Best Portand Champagn, and side B: Plugging the Savoir Vivre Gap in France ...

04/07/2007 17h10 Montrouge - rue du Commandant Maurice Arnoux spot

Opposite nr. 161 (see picture). Gipsy music.

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