Exhibit 76

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01/21/2007 16h15 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni

Another small strand in the gutter, near the Restorama (nr. 142). By the sound of it, this most probably is a strand of the same tape that find #421 came from ...

01/21/2007 16h00 Bagnolet - avenue de la République spot

A cassette edition of the music from the original soundtrack of "1492 - Conquest of Paradise" by Vangelis.

01/21/2007 15h30 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni

A very small strand, in the gutter near nr. 151 ; find #423 most probably is a strand from the same tape.

01/21/2007 01h15 Paris XX - avenue de la porte de Vincennes spot

Continuing my walk home from the place de la Nation straight on to VIncennes, i found this tape just outside the ringway, on entering Saint Mandé, on traffic island, wound around a hub cap (see picture).

01/21/2007 00h50 Paris XI - Boulevard Voltaire spot

Walking home after having attended a concert at the Atelier Tampon. At the foot of a tree on the pavement, opposite nr 254. (see picture). French chansons.

01/14/2007 16h00 Bagnolet - avenue Galieni

Two cassettes, in the gutter near the Liebert Hiross building. The first is a 1982 edition of a recording of eight ouvertures by Jacques Offenbach, by the Philharmonia Orchestra directed by Neville Marriner (in the montage we hear 'La vie parisienne'). The other: dental care information! The third in a series of cassettes called l'Actualité Odontologique. Dr. Jean-Louis Brouillet (Marseille) and dr. Jean-Jacques Lasfargues (Paris) give you sound advise: "Composites postérieurs ou amalgames ?" (see picture).

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