Exhibit 70

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09/30/2006 15h00 Montreuil - rue de la Fonderie

Original soundtrack (music by Alan Menken) to the french version of Disney's La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast) (see picture) ... Contributed by Cosmo Helectra.

09/29/2006 17h13 Aubervilliers - avenue de la division Leclerc

Near traffic light on the middle of the 'two-step' road passage to the rue Courtillières. We hear french-armenian chansonnier Charles Aznavour, in Tu te laisses aller and Trousse chemise.

09/28/2006 13h10 Aubervilliers - avenue de la division Leclerc

Near busstop Maison de Quartier les Courtillières, of line nr. 330. There were four clods, spread along the pavement over a distance of some five or six meters. The music on it is pretty interesting, I find; varied and complicated. Antillean / Caribean ?

09/26/2006 16h30 Vincennes - avenue Aubert

Wound around the pole of a green metal rack in the pavement (see picture), opposite nr. 76. Spotted by my son Alec (13) when returning home from school.

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