Exhibit 71

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10/07/2006 14h10 Montreuil - rue de la Fonderie

One of a two cassette set, A to Z of Irish Rock, compiled by Solid Records in 1992. (see picture) Found and contributed by Eric Houzet. Someone must have tried to record arabic music onto this cassette, but that didn't work out completely ... the result is a curious dub-mix, including among others the Frank and Walters' This Is Not A Song ... The montage ends with part of Endless Art by A House.

10/06/2006 17h40 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Gerard Doustraat

An only slightly damaged Fuji DR 60 cassette, in the gutter near nr. 127. On the B-side label is written in red capitals: KOOS-ALBERT (see picture). Meant is surely the Dutch 'folk sentimentalist', Koos Alberts. We hear him crooning: "... In 't schemerlicht leek jouw gezicht een mooi gedicht ..."

10/05/2006 18h50 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - John F. Kennedybrug

Spotted from inside Yiyi's car, near the MECC, in the verge of the turn-off to the Alfons Arienssstraat, on our way to pick up her daughter Perla from school. We later came back to pick up the tape. It had music from Grease on it ... In the montage: Freddy my love.

10/01/2006 17h45 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

Another damaged commercial classically produced cassette album (ADDA 91053 MC) (see picture), near the corner with the rue Edouard Vaillant. This one: Antonio Vivaldi, Cantate Italiane. Performed by Il Seminario Musicale, a french ensemble specializing in italian and french baroque music founded by countertenor Gerard Lesne.

10/01/2006 17h40 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

Near AB-décor. A smashed commercially produced classical cassette album (RCA GoldSeal), with a recording of Brahm's violin concerto in D major, performed by Henryk Szeryng and the London Symphony Orchestra, directed by Pierre Monteux. A classic classic recording.

10/01/2006 17h35 Bagnolet - avenue Gallieni

Near the Liebert Hiross, a crashed Beatles cassette: Beatles vol. 2 (see picture). In the montage we hear part of Helter Skelter.

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