Exhibit 69 - Brussels, Belgium (II) - sep. 23/24, 2006

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09/24/2006 20h25 Hainaut (Belgium) - highway frontier with France, Hainaut/Valenciennes

Picked up this broken tape on the parking place at the border between Belgium and France (see picture), where most of the time the Eurolines bus stops for the passengers to visit the 'Snack Friterie / Tourisme Shop'. On the broken cassette (see picture) it reads D.D.E., RAI 2 and ©1994, Norske Gram SA. D.D.E. is a norwegian band. RAI 2 is one of their albums. They play norwegian rock.

09/24/2006 18h00 Brussels (Belgium) - rue Paul Deschanel

Lying in the street, near nr. 78. Tape full of rock/pop music. All of it might be by the belgium band dEUS. We hear part of the track "Sun Ra" (Here comes the night train) ...

09/24/2006 17h10 Brussels (Belgium) - boulevard Leopold II

On the corner with the canal and the Square Sainctelette, in front of the Espace 27 Septembre, there is a large triangular shaped pavement, with two or tree benches to sit down. Near one of these benches there lie the rests of a piece of fried chicken, together with the bag that it came in. Caught by one of the chicken bones, there was a strand of cassette tape ... (see picture). Arabic pop.

09/24/2006 16h10 Brussels (Belgium) - rue de Ribancourt

Again while in the car with Marta. A broken tape in the gutter near nr. 7. On its label there's written: "Love letters" (see picture). A tape full of 'classic' love songs. In the montage we hear a fragment of, indeed, Love Letters, by Nat King Cole.

09/23/2006 14h20 Brussels (Belgium) - Koninginneplein / Square de la Reine

Spotted while driving with Marta through Brussels (see picture). There's African music on it, but it is a strange tape. When being played back on a standard recorder, most of it sounds as if two tracks are playing together. Maybe a defective machine, that did not erase during recording? That's a possibility ... Curious. But nice.

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