Exhibit 39 - Amsterdam/Maastricht II - aug. 2005

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08/17/2005 14h05 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Waterlooplein

Some minutes later, on the corner of the market with the Stopera building, I picked up another small bit of cassette tape. But maybe this is just a bit from #225 that somehow had slipped out of my pocket, and that I picked up again ...? I'm not sure ... Anyway ... tell me, what's the name of that song again? [ nov. 24th, 2009 ] Shazam and Midomi knew: it is "Each and Every One", by Everything but the Girl

08/17/2005 14h00 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Waterlooplein

Amidst the same pile of rubbish there were many, many (thousands ... well, definitely some hundreds of them) small strands of reel-to-reel tape, all apparently originally belonging to a Philips reel-to-reel tape that I fished out as well, and more than half of which had been cut in two with something or other, along the narrow slice in the plastic reel, running from the tape's center to its outside (see picture), accounting for the many short pieces of tape that had come off. The part that was still on the reel appeared to be cut as well, and the strands kept falling off when I tried to 'unwind' it ... I collected a whole plastic bag full of these 'tape ends', but just pasted a handful together again. Enough to find out that the tape contains a collection of 'classic' pop and rock music.
Again we hear Stevie Wonder, a fragment of what must be a James Brown track, and ..., and ... (?)

08/17/2005 13h45 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - Waterlooplein

Found amidst a pile of rubbish in front of nrs. 21-29, very greasy, as if pulled straight from a tin of oil... It's Stevie Wonder's Too high, from his Innervisions album.

08/15/2005 12h30 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) -Daniël Stalpertstraat

Several bits, in the gutter and on the pavement, from the corner with the 1e van der Helststraat up to nr. 90. Dutch pop. We hear the 'Klein Orkest' performing their track 't Liefste.

08/14/2005 10h50 Maastricht (the Netherlands) - Arkebusruwe

On the pavement, near nr. 28. Spotted by Gersande (8). From a tape with a recording from the Dutch radio (TROS) - introduced by ... Grandmaster Flash (?) ...

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