Exhibit 47

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12/22/2005 17h00 Amsterdam (the Netherlands) - 2e van der Helststraat

At the foot of the sign indicating the entrance of the TOTAL service station (see picture). Arabic.

12/14/2005 17h45 Montreuil - place Jacques Duclos

Around the pole of a traffic sign near the 'Bourse du Travail', metro Croix de Chavaux. Arabic.

12/05/2005 13h05 Bobigny - rue Balzac

On the small foot path, running from a cinder field behind the bus stop in between two rows of HLM buildings to the rue d'Alembert, I picked up a tiny strand of reel-to-reel tape that I saw floating in a pool of muddy water. Hardly two, three seconds of sounds (counting both sides). Does sound like arabic music of some sorts.

11/18/2005 21h05 Paris XI - rue du Faubourg du Temple

In the gutter, opposite the entrance to the Cour de la Grâce de Dieu. French pop : we hear Amours by Louise Attaque, from the album Louise Attaque (cf. #303).

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