Exhibit 05

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11/20/2002 12h55 Bobigny - rue Marcel Cachin, almost in the same spot as n° 26

Gipsy music (Roumanian ?).

11/04/2002 13h00 Bobigny - rue Marcel Cachin, not far from the entrance to the faculty of medecin

Arabic. (It had been raining. This bit of tape was soaking wet, and wound around a twig.)

10/23/2002 12h50 Bobigny - rue Marcel Cachin

A listener calling in to the station. From a cassette containing a recording of part of an emission of the French radio station NRJ [see also find #239]. The cassette was left in the gutter next to a parked car, surely thrown away because the tape had broken.

10/21/2002 12h45 Les Mureaux - rue Edouard Brainly, vers n° 8

Hardrock. (02/20/2010) Identified by Shazam as "Someone To Touch" by the Scorpions, from the album (Someone To Touch) Face The Heat.

10/15/2002 18h10 Vincennes - rue de Fontenay, across the street from the main entrance to the Centre Pompidou

French 'chanson' - "La honte de la famille", by Dorothée (et Jennyfer) [1996].

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