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09/15/2005 19h30 & 21h00 Paris IV - rue François Miron

In the gutter. French variety.

09/15/2005 18h15 Vincennes

In a way, this entry is bit of a 'cheat', as it wasn't really a 'find'. It comes from a cassette that got stuck in a cassette player used by the upstairs neighbours' children, and subsequently came out in knots and pieces. A strand of its remnants was then given to me by one of them, Armel (8), as my daughter had told Armel that her daddy 'collected these strings' ...
I did hesitate, but then decided to count it in anyway.
I'm glad I did, for, as I sat unknotting and re-winding the tapes for fotex40 on christmas eve (yeah, i know that that's a weird thing to do on a Christmas eve! :-) ), you may imagine my surprise when out came sounding, in 'holy french for children', the story of Josef, Mary and Jesus ...

09/15/2005 15h40 Paris IV - quai Saint Bernard

At the foot of a tree on the pavement, somewhere half between the exit of the Jussieu campus and the Institute du Monde Arabe. Partypop. We hear a fragment of a french pop song, and - on the other side - the Backstreet Boys with an fragment from their "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" ... Now, curiously enough I wrote something very similar when describing #153, one of two bits of tape that I picked up on the Jussieu campus three months earlier. There we had also part of precisely this Backstreet Boys track, with a french poppy song on the other side. So maybe these two finds indeed do stem from one and the same discarded cassette? Possible it is. The two tape fragments actually do have the same color and texture ...

09/01/2005 15h42 Paris IX - place de la porte de Pantin

Along the down grade from the périphérique, near the AGIP service station. Two of two. Pretty much buried in the sandy lawn along the pavement.Looked like it had been there for a long time ... Badly damaged. Arabic.

09/01/2005 15h40 Paris IX - place de la porte de Pantin

Along the down grade from the périphérique, near the AGIP service station. One of two. Probably moroccan, as that's where 'Sonya Disque' is from (see photo).

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