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04/19/2005 15h00-19h00 Pontoise - avenue François Mitterand

While making a phonecall, and looking out of the window from inside one the small lecture rooms on the fourth floor of the Saint Martin building, I saw below a strand of cassette tape caught in the branches of one of the small trees lining the parking strip in front of the faculty building. Of course I hurried down to try and get it. Using a stick, I managed to get hold of a first part; then some hours later - with the help of the father of one of my students, who saw me 'struggling', and was able to bend down one of the tree's branches far and long enough for me to 'unwind' a decent bit of tape - a second part. (Didn't manage to get hold of all of it though. I'd need a ladder for that.) The tape contains text spoken in Arabic. A prayer?

04/14/2005 14h45 Bobigny - rue de Beaune, corner with the rue Buffon

On a pile of rubbish, a complete cassette-edition of Francis Cabrel's album Samedi Soir sur la Terre. (You hear the beginning of 'La Corrida').

04/14/2005 11h50 Aubervilliers - exit of metro station Fort d'Aubervilliers, on the corner of the parking/gare routière

Wrapped around a bicycle stand. Raï. Shazam and SoundHound [ feb. 28th, 2010 ] identified the track "Baroud", by Safy Boutella and Khaled, from the album Kutche.

04/13/2005 13h45 Vincennes - avenue Antoine Quinson, near the Passage St. Méry

On the pavement, near the fence of the RER-track. Not far from the corner where in december and january already I found parts of a tape with songs sung in Spanish (#108 and #112). This apparently again is a part of that very same tape ...

04/10/2005 22h30 Vincennes - rue de Montreuil, on the corner with the rue Villebois-Mareuil

In the gutter. This find had been spotted earlier that day by my son Alec (11), who mentioned it to me just before going to sleep. I went there to have a look, and yes, it still was lying there at the exact spot he said it would ... French variety.

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